LOVE & DESIRE: TV Hottie Muskaan Mihani Gets Up Close & Personal With Tushal In Singapore

TV actress Muskaan Mihani was seen having lots of fun and frolic with her husband Tushal Sobhani in Singapore, recently. We bring you the story with EXCLUSIVE pictures...

Muskaan Mihani is smiling from ear to ear. This TV actress has just returned after a romantic holiday with her husband Tushal.

The couple was in a very lovey-dovey mood  on their holiday. A friend of Muskaan tells us, "Goes without saying that Muskaan indulged in lots of shopping. Sightseeing was also on the agenda."

muskaan mihani and tushal sobhani at the universal studios in singapore
Muskaan Romances Tushal In Singapore has it that it was Tushal's idea to fly off to Singapore. Reveals Muskaan's friend, "In fact, Tushal gave her a surprise. He booked the travel and hotel tickets first, and broke the news to her only later."

Muskaan could not believe it when Tushal spilled the beans. "They both were actually longing for a holiday,"  adds the friend.

muskaan mihani tushal sobhani with their daughter mannat at the universal studios in singapore
Muskaan, Tushaan & Mannat

Tusshal (who is a businessman) took off from his busy schedule and off they went!

Muskaan and Tushal had also taken their 2-year old lovely daughter Mannat with them.

muskaan mihani and tushal sobhani in singapore
Muskaan enjoys Tushal's company

The trio stayed in Singapore for nearly a week.

We hear, Muskaan who rose to fame with shows like Dill Mill Gayye and Jugni Chali Jalandhar, is soon going to come back to regale the audiences on the small screen.

Muskaan and Tushal have been married for over 4 years now.