Mandana Karimi's Devar Gautam Shuns Media At His Wedding To Avoid Questions On Her Broken Marriage?

Hi-drama unfolded at Mandana Karimi’s devar’s wedding at JW Marriott this morning...

High spirits, high drama and high couture – it was a heady cocktail at Mandana Karimi’s devar, TV star Gautam Gupta’s wedding to TV hottie Smriti Khanna.

mandana karimi
Mandana Karimi

Earlier this morning, Smriti was welcomed at JW Marriott by her friends from media, who had been personally invited by her to cover her big day.

The bride reached the hotel at 11am and rushed past the waiting media to be by her groom’s side.

She sent a word to the shutterbugs and scribes that she would soon make an entry with her new husband and pose for pictures.

Media kept waiting for Mandana’s brother-in-law and his new wife to appear for hours on end. And when they finally emerged, has it that they were so happy and in high spirits that they just dashed for their cars, without pausing for as much as a picture.

Was Mandana’s devar trying to avoid uncomfortable questions about his brother’s broken marriage to Mandana Karimi?

For those who have come in late, had earlier reported that Mandana Karimi was fighting a tough battle at her marital home. The actress did not want to share the house with her to-be sister-in-law Smriti Khanna.

Coming back to what transpired at Mandana’s devar’s wedding, we wish the couple would have shown a little more concern towards the media, that was waiting outside for hours and hours to give them importance.