Manish Naggdev On Breaking Engagement With Srishty Rode And If Things Turned Sour Because Of A Third Party

After getting evicted from Bigg Boss 12 house, Srishty Rode and her fiancé Manish Naggdev have called-off their Roka. The couple first unfollowed each other on social media. Now, talking to Bombay Times, Manish has given a clarification that no other person was involved in their break-up.

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Manish Naggdev On Breaking Engagement With Srishty Rode And If Things Turned Sour Because Of A Third Party
Manish told the leading daily, “Srishty and I are not together anymore. I don’t wish to give a reason because there is none in particular. All I can say is, minor disagreements and difference of opinion led to it. We were expecting different things from each other. Around three weeks ago, we realised that things were not working out as expected. So, we discussed the future of our relationship and decided that it was better to part ways. I have immense love and respect for Srishty and I will always cherish the time spent with her.”

He further added, “We shared a great relationship, but there is no point in sulking after it has ended. Of course, it’s heartbreaking, as it’s not easy to forget someone you have been in love with, but I am all focussed on work now.”

Manish also spoke about Srishty being in Bigg Boss 12 and said, “I have no regrets about supporting her on the show; she, too, had mentioned me during her stay inside the house. We did it out of love for each other. There are times when two good people can’t be happy together. It’s as simple as that. There was a gap of two months (during her Bigg Boss stint) and I am sure that gave her a lot of time to think. Even after she came out, the two of us were busy with our respective work. I met her just three times after her eviction from Bigg Boss. So, I won’t be able to say if she has changed post her stint. Though I was the first person she called up after her eviction, we stopped talking to each other seven days later.”

Further, clearing the air the actor revealed, “Our relationship hasn’t ended because of a third party, as many seem to have assumed. These are just rumours. There is no other girl or guy involved, including Rohit Suchanti (Srishty’s co-participant on Bigg Boss).”

Interestingly, Rohit Suchanti had earlier spoken to about his equation with Srishty and had said, "You have seen the show, right? Do you think I crossed the line? Srishty and I are just friends. As for her personal life, it's her decision what she wants to do with it. She is a very sensible and smart girl."

Image Source: Youtube & instagram/manishnaggdev