MasterChef India 7: Priya Vijan Comments On Judges Favouring Aruna Vijay During An Immunity Pin Challenge; Says, 'Not Sure My Efforts Were Noticed’

MasterChef India season 7’s former contestant Priya Vijan, who came to the show as a plant based cooked, commented on the Judges being biased towards Aruna Vijay, who was allowed to cook a fish-based dish with tofu

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MasterChef India 7: Priya Vijan Comments On Judges Favouring Aruna Vijay During An Immunity Pin Challenge; Says, 'Not Sure My Efforts Were Noticed’
One of India’s most popular cooking-based reality shows MasterChef has been under the radar for quite some time for their bias towards a contestant Aruna Vijay. The show has left the netizens fuming as the judges were seen allowing her to cook a fish-based dish with paneer during an immunity pin challenge. After being bashed by the viewers for their unfair treatment, former contestant Priya Vijan has now taken to social media to comment on the entire ordeal.

Being a plant-based cook, Vijan opened up about her struggle on the show as she had to cook dairy-based and egg-based products. She went on to express how she had even tasted the dish after the chefs asked her to do so. She further wondered if her efforts were really noticed by anyone other than the audience. ALSO READ: MasterChef India 2023: Angry Netizens Lash Out At Judges For Allowing Aruna Vijay To Substitute Paneer With Fish Because She Is Vegetarian- Read TWEETS

Sharing a note on Twitter, she wrote, “I don't have to prove anything. Everything is right in front of the audience. I went outside my comfort zone handling eggs and dairy too in team challenges and egg challenge, even tasted dairy made dish when chef asked me to. Dint pick on it even once. Not sure if those efforts were even noticed.”

“I came here as a plantbased contestant. Knowing I may be tested on levels outside my comfort, isn't that what's it about. Baa handled eggs & tasted too. I don't regret anything with all due respect to what judges had to say. (I wouldn't have cooked with meat anyway, would have backed out even if it became mandatory to use.) I have my boundaries. With all respect to the platform. Still stood true to what I see food as in all individual challenges. I wrote this only for the people who have encouraged me and tagged me in a lot of places to let me know they care. Love & Light Priya,” she concluded. ALSO READ: MasterChef India 7: Aruna Vijay Gets Into A CONFLICT With Teammates Gurkirat Singh and Kamaldeep Kaur Over ‘Banana Roulade’- WATCH

Fans came out to support the chef and her words. Showering her with adoration and motivational messages. 

For the unversed, MasterChef is one of the most loved cooking shows on television. Apart from India, it also has a UK version, Australian version, Asian version and many other adaptations world-wide. The current season of the Indian version is judged by Garima Jain, Ranveer Brar and Vikas Khanna.
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