Mouni Roy, Jasmin Bhasin, Nishant Malkani, Sahil Anand Support Hina Khan In The Jitesh Pillaai Chandivali Controversy

Hina Khan was criticised by Filmfare Editor Jitesh Pillaai for her Cannes debut. The actress has been garnering support from the Television industry

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Mouni Roy, Jasmin Bhasin, Nishant Malkani, Sahil Anand Support Hina Khan In The Jitesh Pillaai Chandivali Controversy
Hina Khan's Cannes visit was subject of a derogatory remark recently after Filmfare Editor, Jitesh Pillaai poked fun of the actress on Twitter. Now, TV actors share their views on how they are often discriminated in the industry.

Mouni Roy:

I feel sooo happy when someone comes from point zero & makes it all on their own. You stirred that in my heart today. So so proud of what you have achieved @eyehinakhan from the bottom of my heart I only wish upwards & onwards for you here on. Love & my bestest wishes to you

Rajesh Kumar:

I don't think there is discrimination. The medium has evolved. Five years back, it was there. I recently did SOTY2. Even Tiger Shroff addressed me as sir. Television actors are accepted everywhere. I have worked on television and films both. As far as social media is concerned, people should use social media responsibly. On social media, comments keep happening. 30 crore people using mobiles so everyone has an opinion on everything. To which to pay attention to and which to ignore is our prerogative.

Samir Soni:

As far as the general perception of television is concerned, the television industry is considered stepchild/sibling of the film industry, where the film industry is still the core standard the parameter by which actors writers are judged. The television industry is booming with film actors turning to television and becoming successful.  Amitabh Bachchan resurrected his career with television. There is still a bias in general opinion as everyone starts to become a film actor. The fact is a lot of TV actors are popular than film actors and I personally would do rather do good television work than films.

Jasmin Bhasin:

There is a discrimination in the entertainment industry which exists when it comes to television. when I want to wear a certain designer or a certain makeup artist or hair stylist, they would deny straight to my face because you know people don't want to do it for television actors. They would say I would only do for film actors. I feel this discrimination is wrong because I am ready to pay the money and the respect…everything. Then why is that discrimination and why is television considered as a small medium? or television actors? I have seen many film actors looking and saying, ‘Oh my God, she's a television actress’. All these film actors come to television only to promote their films. I feel really sad for what happened for Hina Khan and I am really proud of her, she's dealt with it and people cannot discriminate we are all artists and we should be treated equally.

Aniruddh Dave:

I feel, be it a film or television, an actor is an actor. Any actor going to such a renowned film festival or award ceremony, then it's an achievement. I really want to congratulate Hina Khan that she has achieved so much and it's a proud moment for our fraternity too that a television actor is going to Cannes.  There's nothing as television and films, an artist is an artist. There should not be discrimination. It has not happened to me but I feel that if someone has given some comment on a certain thing then it's their personal view. But actors have a mass reach and it's a very happy moment and I am happy television actors are growing and working in films, web series and they are getting motivated. It's an achievement.

Tinaa Dattaa:

Hina or for that matter any TV actor should be encouraged rather than been made a target of unnecessary comments. Bollywood has to come out of their limited mindset. Television folks work very hard and no one likes to be commented upon at such a gala event where every actor wants to go but cannot.

Nishant Malkani:

I am personally appalled and very angry. I feel there is no reason to be so demeaning towards a medium which reaches the maximum people in the world, not just in India. Films, of course, have their own place and make big business but television is where people hearts are. People every day switch on their television on time as we touch their hearts. I personally have huge respect for Mr. Jitesh Pillai, but this kind of a comment for a man of his stature is unacceptable. He should not have said and there is absolutely justified reaction from the entire industry, from my friends be it Arjun Bijlani. Other people like Miss Ekta Kapoor and even Kangana Ranaut's sister has come out in the support.

Sahil Anand:

I have not felt discrimination directly but indirectly there's always discrimination between film and television actors. Everyone is an actor irrespective of the medium be it theatre, films or television. People making such statements tell us about their mentality. This discrimination still exists and is the reason why such statements are being made.

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