Mujhse Shaadi Karoge Winner Aanchal Khurana: 'Shehnaaz Gill Khud Shukla Ke Chakkar Mein Thi And Was Adamant On Pairing Ankita With Paras'- EXCLUSIVE

For those of you who followed Mujhse Shaadi Karoge closely, would know that winner, Aanchal Khurana had a fallout with Shehnaaz Gill in one of the episodes. We recently spoke to Aanchal and she broke her silence on the entire fight

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Mujhse Shaadi Karoge Winner Aanchal Khurana: 'Shehnaaz Gill Khud Shukla Ke Chakkar Mein Thi And Was Adamant On Pairing Ankita With Paras'- EXCLUSIVE
TV reality show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge might have ended on-screen but it seems the lingering controversies are here to stay. Yesterday, we brought to you an exclusive interview of Aanchal Khurana, whom Paras chose as a suitor, where she made a shocking revelation that the duo are just good friends and not a couple. 

Amidst our conversation, Aanchal also threw light on the episode where Shehnaaz Gill blasted her for character assassinating co-contestant, Ankita Srivastava. Talking about the incident, where Aanchal told Paras about Ankita being overly friendly with Balraj, here's what she had to say on the matter. 

"I didn't have an argument with Shehnaaz. She simply jumped into the matter. Ab Paras ke liye jo ladkiyan aayi hai unka obviously discussion ya argument hoga hi na. We all were there to impress and win his heart. Basically, Shehnaaz and her brother Shehbaaz were fond of Ankita but Paras was not feeling any connection with her. And this brother-sister duo were forcing her on Paras by naming her Ankita Chhabra and all. Tum khud Shukla ke chakar mein baithe hue ho, tumhare liye jo andar ladke aaye hai, tumhe unme koi interest nahi hai, tumhara poora interest Paras ko Ankita ke saath fit karne mein hai," said Aanchal.

Explaining what she said about Ankita to Paras, Aanchal replied, "I was on the show to impress Paras and not these two. So, during one of our dates, Paras asked me what do I think about Ankita as I have come from out and seen the episodes. I just told him what I saw. Ankita is very much comfortable with boys and have no qualms in sitting on their laps. I have seen her sitting on Blaraj's lap and then once asking for a kiss. At the same time you asking for a kiss from Paras also. But my intention was not to demean her. I just wanted to tell Paras that she has an outgoing and frank nature which is her choice. I just said, 'I don't think you would like all that as I know you are a possessive person. I have seen how protective you were for your friend, Mahira in Bigg Boss and corrected her when she was talking to Asim Riaz or Vishal Aditya Singh.' To which Paras said, 'You are right. I might not be able to spend my life with such girl.' Now, all these things Shehnaaz took to another level and started bashing me for saying you are raising a finger on a girl's character!! But I really want to ask her, what about the times when she used to ask all the girls, 'Tum mein se kaun kaun virgin hai ye batao?' Ye ladkiyo ke character par sawal uthana nahi hua? And that to not once but thrice on the show, but I think it was telecast only once during an elimination round. She used to say, 'Tum mein se kaun satisavitri baithi hai vo batao?' Ye sab character assassination nahi hai to kya hai? Being frank with boys is Ankita's choice, it's not a bad thing."

Now that Ankita Srivastava and Balraj Sayal walked out as a couple, Aanchal says she is glad she was right about her observation. "By the end of the day, it was proven that I was not wrong. I always said Balraj has a strong connection with Ankita and it's proven as they walked out as a couple from the show."

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