Nia Sharma's Latest Video Has A Little Kid Hurling Foul Abuses

The TV hottie Nia has always stood up for what's right, even when she was slut shamed, but this time it seems she is pushing the envelope a bit too far

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Nia Sharma's Latest Video Has A Little Kid Hurling Foul Abuses

What's wrong with Nia Sharma! First it was the 'F**k You' post, and now it's 'B**en Ch**'.

The TV hottie has posted a video of a little kid, who is her best friend's son, and throughout the video, the kid is seen hurling abuses one after the other.

Now even if that was meant to be a joke between friends, why would someone post such a thing on his/her social media account?

Nia goes on to caption the video as, "How I love mischievous oness..i didnt know I'm already his bestie has a kid today and I still cant believe.. P.S ignore his swearing (sic)." The little kid is definitely cute, and there is no doubt about that. But posting a video of such a cute little kid where he is abusing surely isn't cute in anyway. We are not with you on this, Nia.

Well, we can't say that Nia isn't the flavour of the season, as whatever she does makes news, and people do love her immensely. Her tremendous fan following is the reason she has suddenly catapulted into becoming an overnight sensation.

Talking about her on a personal level, we love Nia standing up for what's right. She has vented out her anger against slut shaming, and we appreciated her throughout - but this video is just pushing the envelope a bit too much.

Do you get this, Nia?

Thumbnail Image Source: instagram/niasharma