OMG! Rajeev Sen And Charu Asopa To OFFICIALLY Get A Divorce? Former Says, ‘Everything Is Ready, We Just Have To Sign It’

Rajeev Sen has opened up about the allegations by his estranged wife Charu Asopa and shared an update on their divorce

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OMG! Rajeev Sen And Charu Asopa To OFFICIALLY Get A Divorce? Former Says, ‘Everything Is Ready, We Just Have To Sign It’
Estranged couple, Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen, have been in the limelight for their messy separation. From accusing each other of infidelity to accusing each other of using their daughter Zaina for views on their respective YT channels, they have been in constant war of words. 

Rajeev recently took to his YouTube channel to announce his official separation from Charu. He said that that the divorce papers are ready and the date is set. He said in his vlog, “Papers etc everything is ready, we just have to sign it. The date is also out. We are no longer together. But I am trying that we are there for our daughter.” ALSO READ: Charu Asopa Moves Into New Apartment With Daughter Zaina After SEPARATING From Estranged Husband Rajeev Sen; Says, ‘It’s A Small House, But It Is Enough’- VIDEO INSIDE

Opening up about the previous allegations made by the actress, Rajeev in his vlog shared “I told Charu a long time ago, when we were on talking terms, that if you really love our daughter, let’s take a break from YouTube for six months and let’s focus on our daughter rather than putting her on the camera all the time. Anyway, that didn’t happen. If you can’t quit YouTube and if you don’t want to have that approach then it’s okay, everyone has their own way of thinking.”

He went on to share that Charu is playing the victim and woman card. He also stressed on the fact that it is very easy to falsely target men these days as they don’t know how to manipulate. He shared, “It’s very easy to defame a guy in today’s world. Not all men are wrong. I can vouch for this that a lot of men have been innocently targetted for just being too transparent and too frank. Because they don’t know how to manipulate.” ALSO READ: SHOCKING! Charu Asopa Reveals She GAVE UP On Work To Make Estranged Husband Rajeev Sen Happy; Says, ‘His Family Is Annoyed With Him, They Would Tell Me To Be Mature’

For the unversed, Charu and Rajeev got married in 2019 and have since taken a break twice due to personal issues. They had decided to give their marriage another chance for their daughter Ziana, but all their efforts seemed to be in vain, if their interviews and allegations are anything to go by. The blame game between the estranged couple is reaching new heights of controversy every day, and it will be an awaiting battle to see how unscathed the estranged couple emerges from this continuous back and forth.

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