OMG! Rakhi Sawant Is In Critical Condition, Her Tumour Was Similar To The Size Of A Palm, REVEALS Ex-Husband Ritesh Singh

Rakhi Sawant is in critical condition and her tumour operation took almost 3 hours reveals ex-husband Ritesh Singh

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OMG! Rakhi Sawant Is In Critical Condition, Her Tumour Was Similar To The Size Of A Palm, REVEALS Ex-Husband Ritesh Singh
Rakhi Sawant was recently hospitalized in Mumbai for what was initially reported as a 'serious heart problem.' However, the situation took a turn when doctors discovered a 10 cm tumor in her uterus, necessitating immediate surgery. On May 18, Rakhi underwent a surgical procedure to remove the tumor. Her ex-husband, Ritesh Singh, who has been actively updating fans about her condition, confirmed that the surgery was successful. According to Singh, after the operation, Rakhi was unconscious and in a drowsy state, indicating the major nature of the surgery. ALSO READ: Rakhi Sawant Undergoes Successful Tumour Surgery, Ex-Husband Ritesh Singh Shares MASSIVE Health Update 

Ritesh Singh shared some alarming details about the tumor, stating that it was quite large, approximately the size of a palm. "The doctor showed me the tumor, and it was very similar to the size of a palm. I saw it for the first time, and it was quite shocking," he said. The tumor has been sent to the lab for further analysis to determine if it is cancerous. The surgery lasted for three hours, underscoring the complexity of the procedure.

Singh also shared a video of Rakhi post-operation on social media, expressing his relief and gratitude. The caption read, "@rakhisawant2511, by God's grace, Rakhi is alright, and the operation was successful. The operation was major and took 3 hours. But really, I cannot explain how these hours went for me. My team and I fasted and prayed for her. Thanks to all fans and friends for their prayers." ALSO READ: Mere Liye Dua Karna: Rakhi Sawant Breaks Down In Tears As She Heads To Operation For Her Tumour - WATCH VIRAL VIDEO 

This situation highlights the unpredictable nature of health issues and the importance of timely medical intervention. Rakhi Sawant, known for her vibrant personality and dramatic presence on shows like Bigg Boss, has shown remarkable resilience throughout this ordeal. Her fans and well-wishers have been supportive, sending prayers and positive messages during this challenging time. 

Ritesh Singh’s updates have been a source of comfort for many, providing transparency and reassurance about Rakhi’s health status. As Rakhi continues her recovery, the focus remains on her well-being and the results of the tumour analysis, which will determine the next steps in her treatment journey.

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