Payal Rohatgi Issues A Statement To Ahmedabad Police After Her Arrest Last Month; Says ‘You Should Feel Ashamed For Your Behaviour’- VIDEO

Payal Rohatgi has now issued a statement to Ahmedabad Police after she was arrested last month from her residence. The actress was arrested for threatening members of her housing society

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Payal Rohatgi Issues A Statement To Ahmedabad Police After Her Arrest Last Month; Says ‘You Should Feel Ashamed For Your Behaviour’- VIDEO
Actor Payal Rohatgi was arrested last month when an FIR was registered on a complaint filed by the members of her housing society. She was later granted bail. The actress has now issued a statement to Ahmedabad Police. In her statement, Payal told the Police that they should “feel ashamed” for their behaviour. The actress said that picking her up from her residence on June 25 over an FIR registered a previous night was ‘unacceptable’. She even accused the police of trying to ‘humiliate’ her and sought an apology from them stating they behaved in an ‘unprofessional manner’. The actress claimed that CCTV footage would prove the truth.

Payal posted a video on her Instagram and wrote, “Ahmedabad Police u should feel ashamed for your behaviour - Payal Rohatgi” In the video, she could be heard saying, “I want to state it clearly that Ahmedabad Police, your behaviour in picking me up from my residence on 25th June morning is unacceptable over an FIR registered against me the previous night.” She added, “You wanted to humiliate me, but you as an entire police force should feel the humiliation for behaving in such an unprofessional manner." The actress said, "I don’t need any witness to prove my statements, because there were CCTV cameras installed even in my society. CCTV cameras are installed even at the Satellite police station, and even on the road outside Satellite Police Station.” “Till then, all I want to say is that, what you did, and under pressure from whom, only God knows. But the way in which you tried to humiliate me, I feel you as an entire police force, should feel ashamed and apologise to me,” concluded Payal.

Take a look at the video below:

The 36 China Town star was booked under the charges of “uttering obscene words (IPC section 294-b), intentional insult (504) and criminal intimidation (506).” As per a police officer, Payal was harassing the members of her society, including children. She was telling the kids that she would “break their legs” if they played in the common area. It was also reported that the complaint mentioned that the actress had threatened to file false cases against them, targeted them on social media and sent abusive messages. For the unversed, Rohatgi has been living with her parents in Ahmedabad for the past year. Also Read: Payal Rohatgi Lands In Legal Trouble; Arrested After She Threatened To Kill Her Society’s Chairperson

Image source: Instagram/ Payal Rohatgi