Rashami Desai: 'Even After Blocking, I Am Receiving Nasty Comments From SidNaaz Fans, It Is Extremely Disturbing'- EXCLUSIVE

SpotboyE.com got in touch with Rashami Desai in regards to the on-going trolling happening against Devoleena Bhattacharjee and her, by SidNaaz fans

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Rashami Desai: 'Even After Blocking, I Am Receiving Nasty Comments From SidNaaz Fans, It Is Extremely Disturbing'- EXCLUSIVE
Rashami Desai took to her Twitter handle to inform that she has blocked SidNaaz fans, after they started bashing her for supporting her bestie, Devoleena Bhattacharjee. The Dil Se Dil Tak actress had defended Devoleena against haters, who were upset with Bhattacharjee for speaking against Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill's chemistry. 

However, in spite of blocking a lot of them, the trolls have not stopped attacking Rashami as she is still receiving nasty comments from them. Bigg Boss 13 finalist spoke to us at length on the matter and expressed her disappointment.

Talking to us exclusively Rashami said, "Whatever is happening is not right. People should know how to talk and mind their words. This is the time to show a civilized behavior. The moment I heard the audio, which I have tweeted as well, I was bombarded with trolls- it was extremely painful. Who gave them the right to go on someone's character, bring out someone's past or talk shit about their family? And then, they are also trying to teach us what we have to say and how we have to say, as if they are ruling us. It is not necessary people will only talk in your favour. One should know how to accept rejection and work on it." 

Rashami also added, "It is extremely disturbing to read such comments. Even after blocking many of them, I am still receiving nasty comments, which makes me think if they are doing it by themselves or somebody is making them to do it. It has to stop right away. Honestly, I don't have a problem with people being judgmental or giving their reaction but I really don't like them using foul language or talk ill and be abusive."


When asked if it is difficult to control fans and their extreme reactions, she says not really, "Due to God's grace, I also have a huge number of fan-following. But I don't see them crossing their limits and being abusive to someone. They also show their disappointment but in a different way. I have also tweeted that stay calm as we have bigger things to deal with and since then they aren't doing anything. Our fans listen to us and we should know how to control them. I feel lucky at times when my fans message me, 'RD Di you don't stress and focus on your work'."


Rashami then spoke about Devoleena and defended her like a shield, "My friend Devoleena is being trolled and getting abused just because she shared her opinion on someone's chemistry. I would also like to clear it was not Devoleena who initiated the topic during her live session, she was asked about their chemistry and she just said what she feels about it, without being rude. I know Devoleena very well and I don't think she is ever going to initiate bullying someone or say anything negative."

For those who have come in late, it all started with Devoleena's recent LIVE chat with fans, in which the actress expressed her opinion that she did not find any chemistry between Sidharth and Shehnaaz in their song, Bhula Dunga. Soon, SidNaaz fans started trolling and slamming her on social media for it. She then gave it back to the trolls with her witty replies, however, things went out of control as someone sent her an audio filled with profanities. She then filed a complaint with Cyber Crime Cell. Amidst this, Rashami Desai came out in support of Devoleena and in return, got trolled.

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