Rohit Suchanti Is Excited To Confess His Feelings To Srishty Rode; Are You Listening Girl?

Bigg Boss 12 may be over, but Rohit Suchanti’s feelings for Srishty Rode continue to stay and now, he’s ready to pop the question. Will Srishty say a ‘yes’? Let’s wait to see what happens

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Rohit Suchanti Is Excited To Confess His Feelings To Srishty Rode; Are You Listening Girl?
Bigg Boss 12 contestants Srishty Rode and Rohit Suchanti had set tongues wagging due to their chemistry in the house. Srishty who was dating actor Manish Naggdev since the past four years called it quits after her eviction from the show. And reports suggested that Rohit was the reason behind the break-up.

While he had cleared the air in the past in an exclusive interview to, it seems the actor now wants to take their relationship ahead. Talking to Bombay Times, Rohit said, "There were issues in their relationship even before she entered the house. They split owing to their differences and I have no role to play in that. It’s easy for people to assume otherwise. No one ends a relationship of four years for a guy she has known for a month. Yes, my feelings for her were evident inside the house, but she never reciprocated. She told me about the split when I called her soon after my eviction from the show. She was extremely sad, and I tried to calm her as a true friend. She is still hurting and trying to come to terms with it.”

He added, "When I was inside the house, people pointed out the five-year age gap (he is 22) between us, but that has never deterred me. Love knows no such barriers. Srishty has the prettiest smile and I appreciate the way she handled me inside the house. She was my strongest support. She was the first girl I interacted and connected with on 'Bigg Boss'. I don’t want to keep my feelings to myself and I don’t care what people have to say about us. It will be between us. I am excited about confessing my feelings to her, but I don’t know what her reply will be.”

He further said, “I dropped many hints inside the house, but could never muster the courage to tell her directly. I genuinely like her and feel it’s about time I confessed my feelings to her. I don’t know what her reaction will be.”

For all those who don't know, Rohit never minded dating a girl elder to him. He confessed the same while talking to us. Coming back to his idea of proposal, we just can't hold our excitement to know what will be Srishty's response to it. 

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