SHOCKING! Abdu Rozik Issues A Statement On His FIGHT With MC Stan, Accuses The Rapper’s Team Of Abusing And Breaking His Car

Abdu Rozik’s team makes shocking revelations, accusing MC Stan’s management of misbehaving with the Tajikistani singer

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SHOCKING! Abdu Rozik Issues A Statement On His FIGHT With MC Stan, Accuses The Rapper’s Team Of Abusing And Breaking His Car
Tajikistani singer Abdu Rozik and rapper MC Stan, who shared a great bond of friendship on Bigg Boss 16, are making headlines for their ongoing feud. Recent reports suggest that cracks in Abdu and MC stan’s friendship after they had a major fallout. Now, Abdu’s team has issued a statement where they made some shocking revelations. Addressing the reports of their fight, the team accused MC’s management of abusing and breaking his car.

In a statement, the singer’s team said, “We felt it was necessary to clear up the matter officially regarding Mc Stan since Abdu is receiving some backlash and hate without the public actually knowing any scenario. On March 20, Sajid Khan visited Abdu and Mc stan was calling Sajid's phone. Abdu was so excited and happy to speak to Stan taking the phone "Salamalaikum mere dil, mere jaan how are you my brother I miss you so much." Stan replied on speaker to Sajid, I will call you later and hung up. Abdu then sent Stan a voice note asking why didn't you reply to my Salam or say you busy and until this day Stan has not responded or addressed why he did that.” ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 16: Abdu Rozik CRIES After MC Stan SHOUTS At Him; Angry Fans Say, ‘Felt Bad For Abdu He Controlled His Tears’

Abdu Rozik’s team further informed that the Bigg Boss 16 winner’s management misbehaved with the digital influencer. They did not let him enter the venue in Bangalore where MC Stan was having a show. The statement also revealed that Abdu’s car was broken and that the rapper turned down the music labels interested to collaborate with them. 

 “11th March Abdu and Stan were both in Bengaluru. Abdu spoke to Stan's manager saying he wanted to support his brother by attending and not performing to which Abdu got a response from the security team and organizers that Stan does not want Abdu in the venue. Abdu then thinking this was a mistake from the stan team, tried to go to the venue as a normal guest with a ticket only to be sworn at very bad words by Stan's management and to be turned away at the normal entrance and have the car damaged and panels broken,” the statement further read.

For the unversed, on Bigg Boss 16, a strong friendship brewed between MC Stan, Sajid Khan, Shiv Thakare, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Abdu Rozik and Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. They were refereed as mandala by fans and their friendship was the main highlight of the show. After the show, MC Stan and Abdu Rozik’s friendship had a major setback and the reports of their feud left everyone shocked.