Sidharth Sagar Comes Out In Open: I Was Mentally Harassed By My Family, Will Reveal Details Soon...

Comedian Sidharth Sagar has posted a small video giving out a message about his condition....

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Sidharth Sagar Comes Out In Open: I Was Mentally Harassed By My Family, Will Reveal Details Soon...

Yesterday, exclusively brought you the details of comedian Sidhart Sagar's missing mystrey.

And now, the comedian himself took his Instagram to post a video saying that he is in safe hands as of now but was in deep trouble few days back. He was mentally harassed by his family.

In the video, which he posted 6  hours back, he says "That seeing the concern of my friends and media, I am posting this video. Yes, I had filed an NC against my family as I was mentally harassed by them. But now, whereever I am, they are in complete support of me. Can't reveal much. Within 1-2 days will address the media and share all the details."

For those who've come in late, reportedly, Sidharth and his parents were untraceable, leaving the stand-up comic’s friends worried sick. Reports hinted that Sidharth didn’t share a great rapport with his mother, and she possibly kept him under house-confinement.

Sidharth’s good friend Somi shared news of his disappearance on her Facebook page. She wrote, “You guys remember him Sidharth Sagar aka selfie Mausi urf Naseer this guy is missing since 4 month last seen on 18 November 2017. Nobody knows where he is. He is my very good friend please help me find him spread this as much as u can.”

somi saxena post

Somi Saxena Facebook Post 

Somi later deleted the above post. tracked down Sidharth’s friend Somi Saxena's sister Tanu Saxena, his mother and his father. And we reproduced our conversations with them yesterday. Here is what they said: 

Tanu Saxena (Somi's Sister):

In a telephonic conversation with, Tanu said that she and Somi  wanted to pressurise Sidharth’s mother to make her speak to him, and hence they took to Facebook. But last night after Sidharth’s mother made Tanu talk to him, she pulled down the post. “Sidharth told me that he’s fine, and that he will meet me in two days,” said Tanu.

Sidharth’s Mother:

We spoke to Siddharth’s mother on the phone and she told us that Sidharth had been missing in action because he was suffering from a really bad bout of dengue. When we requested to speak to Sidharth, she refused to hand over the phone, saying she would make us speak to her son, at a later hour.

Sidharth’s Father:

There have been whispers on the internet that Sidharth’s parents have walked separate ways. But when we spoke to Sidharth’s father he refuted the reports, saying they were a rock-solid family. He confessed that he has taken a few steps to “tame the son” and hence Sidharth was incommunicado. However, he contradicted his wife’s claim of his son suffering from dengue.

But now with Sidharth coming out in open, let's see what revelations he makes about his 'missing' controversy.