Sidharth Sagar Breaks Down: I Was In Mental Asylum

In his first interview since the news of him ‘missing’ spread like wild fire, comedian Sidharth Sagar speaks to about his current state, family and how did he land in a mental asylum

Sidharth Sagar’s ‘missing’ controversy is getting murkier by the minute. This morning, we brought to you the video through which the comedian informed fans that he went through a troubled phase at the hands of his family but is in safe hands now. tracked down Sidharth and exclusively spoke to him about his turmoil.


Where have you been for the past 4 months?
I have been going through a lot of ups and downs since last one year. I didn’t touch base with anyone because I was scared and I knew that my disappearance has caused a number of complications already. I have spoken to my manager, Shekhar, to arrange for a press conference soon so that I can answer all your questions. 

Reports suggest that you were in a rehabilitation centre?

I will clear out everything soon. But, for now, I can tell you that I was admitted to a mental asylum. My family has been involved in property dispute for long and my parents were influenced. I saw how patients in the asylum were being subjected to shock treatment and was beginning to slip into depression. No one knows of my whereabouts at the moment, but all I can tell you is that the people I am with currently have helped me overcome the trauma.

Which mental asylum were you in?

Cannot tell you now.

Why didn't you try to come out of the asylum?

I requested people to go out and inform my well-wishers that I am stuck here but no one helped me.

Your friends are of the opinion that your mother has kidnapped you…

No, she hasn't. But yes, I repeat, my family was influenced. A girl, I don’t know who, was giving me some tablets because of which I would completely lose my mind.

When are you planning to interact with the media?
In a day or two. It's high time I come out and disclose what I have gone through.

Have you filed an NC against your family?

Yes, I have. But unhone gayab karwa di jab main andar tha. I have named my parents and other family members who are responsible for harassing me in the NC. It was only with passing time that I realised that my parents weren’t against me but were influenced for money.