Smriti Irani Clean Bowls Navjot Sidhu; Victory Over Rahul Gandhi Makes #SidhuQuitPolitics Trend On Twitter, Reminding Him To Keep His Word

Rahul Gandhi and Navjot Singh Sidhu have got entwined in a controversy which is the consequent of Smriti Irani's victory in the Lok Sabha elections 2019

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Smriti Irani Clean Bowls Navjot Sidhu; Victory Over Rahul Gandhi Makes #SidhuQuitPolitics Trend On Twitter, Reminding Him To Keep His Word
4 resignations on his table after his party went down badly in the Lok Sabha Polls 2019, Rahul Gandhi's Congress finds that his defeat against Smriti Irani in the Congress bastion Amethi (easily the biggest story of this election)  has given them a problem of altogether new dimensions. Punjab Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu has landed in hot soup, largely owing to his own doing.

Back in April, Sidhu had vowed to quit politics if Smriti would win against the Congress Chief. Now, Twitteratis are relentlessly reminding Sidhu to keep up his promise of saying goodbye to politics, making #SidhuQuitPolitics one of the top trends on social media. Now, that's another big story of this election isn't it?

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The 4 resignations on Rahul's table: According to ANI, HK Patil has quit. Odisha Congress Chief Niranjan Patnaik had earlier resigned. Now we hear, Uttar Pradesh Chief Raj Babbar has followed suit. The district unit president of the Congress, Yogendra Misra, has also resigned, taking moral responsibility for Rahul's defeat. 

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Meanwhile, Rahul conceded defeat in Amethi, a constituency that Congress hasn't lost since Sanjay Gandhi was defeated in it in the 1977 election. "I want Smriti Irani ji to keep people's faith and take care of Amethi with love,"  Rahul told the media in a brief press conference after the election results were fully announced last night. The latest buzz is that Rahul may offer to resign, tomorrow. 

Coming back to Sidhu, the cricketer-turned-politician has been facing wrath in Punjab after the Congress debacle. Buzz is, Punjab CM Amarinder Singh -- who delivered the party's only resounding victory in that state--- has contacted the senior leadership of the party asking for Sidhu's removal.

In 2014, Smriti lost to Rahul from Amethi by a margin of 1 lakh votes. Sidhu was extremely confident that Rahul will not lose this time too.

Over to you, Sidhu! 

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