Social Media War: Divyanka Tripathi Rows With Fans After They Call Husband Vivek Dahiya A Gold Digger

TV star Divyanka Tripathi and husband Vivek Dahiya often post loved-up pictures on Instagram. But things took an ugly turn when a few fans decided to question Vivek's love for his star wife

It looks like Divyanka Tripathi, the leading lady of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein may take a break from Instagram soon. The actress who has more than 2.6 million followers on the photo-sharing platform, recently got into a heated online brawl with her own fans. The reason was hubby dear, Kavach star Vivek Dahiya.

It started in the comments section of a photo posted by Vivek, who was on a flight to Dubai. Then a so called fan decided to question Vivek’s 'niyat' in marrying Divyanka. The duo shocked TV industry insiders as well as fans when they announced their engagement last year and then promptly got married.

While Divyanka is one of the most popular faces of Indian television, Vivek was just a supporting actor in Divyanka’s show Ye Hai Mohabbatein and suddenly rose to fame with Ekta Kapoor’s show Kavach, where he was cast as the lead actor.

Rumours were afloat that Divyanka and Ekta’s bond helped him bag the show. However, the couple has denied all such rumours.

But the allegations that Vivek married Divyanka for her money and fame were reiterated in the comments.

While fans make thousands of comments on a celebrity’s social media pics, it’s unusual for a celeb to respond.

But Divyanka decided to scroll through the 600 plus comments to pick on her hubby’s haters when this certain comment was made, “You are so pathetic. Everyone knows you never loved Divyanka. Just for fame and money that the main reason you married Divyanka. I feel really bad for her. Her choice was so wrong. She loves you so much. You never loved her (sic).”

Such audacity! Divyanka gave it back saying, “Just shut up you not take my side when you don’t even know us enough! You attention seekers have no other job! It’s a couple’s decision and the world is definitely not a part of it. Specially you bashing idiots don’t ever take my name again. Like here! Don’t like us...Don’t bother to even peep into our post. (sic)”


And this didn’t end here. When another fan tried to pacify the actress by saying, “...these bashers has no business in judging and making assumptions of their relationship, but Div shouldn’t show her vulgarity in telling her fans to shut up, calling them losers or idiots (sic).”


Divyanka lost her cool once again and wrote, “You are definitely not in the likers list too when you use the word ‘vulgur’ for me. I’ll handle my life and my social media my way (sic).”


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