Sonu Sood Speaks Up On Contracting Coronavirus: I Couldn't Avoid Interacting With Needy

Sonu Sood revealed to all that he has tested positive for Coronavirus. In an interview, he revealed that he could not avoid interacting with people giving the philanthropic work he does

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Sonu Sood Speaks Up On Contracting Coronavirus: I Couldn't Avoid Interacting With Needy
The messiah of migrants, Sonu Sood has tested positive for Coronavirus. Taking to his social media accounts, Sonu informed all that he has put himself in isolation as he is COVID-19 positive. He also mentioned that though he is in quarantine, he won't stop with his philanthropic work and carry out the same through the phone. In his latest interview, he spoke about how he could not avoid going out and interacting with people in need. For the past one year, Sonu Sood has been out there helping all those who got affected very badly due to the pandemic.  

To Etimes, Sonu Sood spoke about the same and said, "Frankly speaking, the kind of work I have been doing to help the poor and needy needs me to meet people and even travel, else that work will not happen. Wherever I went, there were several people waiting to meet me; I couldn't avoid interacting with them. Of course, I have always worn a mask but this disease has no answers; it's happening to many of those who have been very careful." He also revealed that he has developed fever since his test came positive.

The Dabangg actor also spoke to Subhash K Jha for SpotboyE and joked that "Covid Maharaj aakhir mere paas bhi aa gaye . Unhone socha, kyon rehne doon is bande ko? I’ve been out so much. The infection could have come from anywhere." Talking about his health condition, he said, "For the last two days I had a mild fever, 99 degrees, and a bit of a sore throat. On Friday evening I decided to get it tested, in case it was positive I didn’t want to be a spreader. Unfortunately it was positive." (Also Read: Sonu Sood Feels ‘Helpless’ As He Is Unable To Arrange Hospital Beds And Medicines For COVID-19 Patients Amid The Second Wave)

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