SPLITSVILLE: The REAL Reason Why Shakti Arora & Neha Saxena Broke Up After 4 Years!

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi actor Shakti Arora’s break-up news with fiancé Neha Saxena has been floating since morning. While no particular reason has been reported for their split, SpotboyE.com has EXCLUSIVELY found out the real reason why this much in love couple parted ways...

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SPLITSVILLE: The REAL Reason Why Shakti Arora & Neha Saxena Broke Up After 4 Years!
Shakti Arora and Neha Saxena have been engaged past 4 years. The couple, in fact, was supposed to get married last year, but reportedly due to demonetization they postponed their wedding.

shakti arora neha saxena during happier times
Shakti Arora And Neha Saxena During Happier Times

BUT looks like the decision of postponing the wedding was indeed not a good one! The shocking news is that Shakti Arora has broken up with his fiancé Neha Saxena. Well yes, as per an Indonesian daily, the couple have called it quits.

While speculations are being made that the couple broke up due to basic differences and long distance (as Shakti has been in Indonesia for a long time now), SpotboyE.com has found out that the REAL reason for their break-up is the intrusion of a third person in their relationship.

Shakti, who is working in an Indonesian fictional show, was recently a part of a reality show there. According to the Indonesian media, Shakti has been getting close with his fellow contestant, Zasika Gotik, who is a singer.

Here’s the link of the show where Shakti is seen blushing and teasing Zasik on the chat show.

SpotboyE.com has learnt that when Neha watched the show, she did not take Shakti and Zasika’s bonding very well. Reports about their alleged relationship in the Indonesian newspapers further added fuel. Following this, Neha and Shakti parted ways. Of course, long distance created more troubles for the couple. A few days back, Neha, who was in Indonesia to accompany Shakti, returned to India unexpectedly.

Interestingly, if you surf through their respective Instagram accounts, you will find no couple pictures of theirs. Apparently, Shakti and Neha have deleted all of them.

While Shakti Arora remained unavailable for comment, Neha has reportedly denied the news of their break-up and said that she returned from Jakarta citing Visa issues.

Image Source: instagram/shaktiarora & instagram/nehasaxena