This EVICTED Bigg Boss Contestant Will Also Make A Wild Card Entry With Dhinchak Pooja

This morning, we told you that Dhinchak Pooja will be making a wild card entry in the Bigg Boss house BUT she won’t be alone. An evicted Bigg Boss contestant is also giving her company...

Here’s good news for Priyank Sharma's fans who were upset to see his shocking exit from the season.

Priyank will be re-entering the house with a bang as a wild card entry. Just a few hours back, brought to you EXCLUSIVELY that Dhinchak Pooja will make a wild card entry in the show. And now, there is another update on this season’s wild card entries.

Priyank Sharma was thrown out of the show after he hit Akash Dadlani amidst an argument. At that time, told you that he has been kept in a secret room and later at a lodge in Lonavala. However, this news spread like wildfire and the makers of the show sent him back to Mumbai and organized his eviction interviews as well.

priyank sharma in bigg boss 11
Priyank Sharma In Bigg Boss 11

But now, Priyank will be back on the show. The eliminated contestant confirmed his re-entry on the show to Mumbai Mirror. "This season has been explosive from the word go. My journey was incomplete because of an impulse decision. But I'll be going back into the house to make amends with a different outlook and advice from Salman sir. And I'm hoping I come out a winner at the end of this innings," said Priyank.

Priyank’s eviction was a shocker for his fans and even in his eviction interviews, Priyank had said, "Of course, I wasn't expecting to get out of the show so soon. I had entered the house with the intention of spending 205 days there, not just 105. Salman Sir was very disappointed with what I did inside the house. Despite all that people supported me. I have rarely seen such support for a person who has barely been in the house for a week. That was amazing. Because of you guys, I am not feeling bad about my eviction,"

bigg boss 11 contestant priyank sharma
Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Priyank Sharma

Now, that Priyank is back, how do you think the housemates will react?

Image Source: twitter/colorstv, pixabay & instagram/dhinchakpooja