Tinaa Dattaa-Mohit Malhotra Patch Up? What Bull! They Don't Talk To Each Other, Now!!

Bolti bandh! Baat bandh! That's exactly what's happening between Tinaa Dattaa and Mohit Malhotra on the sets of Daayan

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Tinaa Dattaa-Mohit Malhotra Patch Up? What Bull! They Don't Talk To Each Other, Now!!
Early March this year, Daayan actors Tinaa Dattaa and Mohit Malhotra made headlines. Tinaa said that Mohit had touched her inappropriately and buzz was that she had subsequently asked Balaji Telefilms (producer) that the door be shown to Mohit. Tinaa had also given an EXPLOSIVE and EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW (Click Below To Read It) to SpotboyE.com touching upon her issues against Mohit. "There are some people on set who want to behave as hooligans. Mohit Malhotra is one such. He had been warned once, but he did not change. In fact, things became worse. I spoke to the Creative Head too.   He would say that his character demands that he should keep his hand here and there. There was a big showdown on the set. It happened at Klick Nixon Studios, when we were shooting for a hospital scene.

Some media people were also there and they saw this. And you know what?!  Some people are not ashamed to go out and say that we are best friends. Yesterday, he forced me to shoot a video with we two standing together to show that all is well between us, and then circulated the video in the media. Imagine! This is legally and ethically so wrong. He is doing all filthy stuff.  It was going on since a long time. I went public only after it became so much that I couldn't take it anymore".

Tinaa had also mentioned, " I made it loud and clear. I have done rape scenes, romantic scenes and intimate scenes before in my career, but never faced something like this with anyone before. He is so annoying. He is so frustrated. Nobody gives excuses like him that woh scene mein bahek gaya tha. He can't say he got carried away. He was obviously doing it deliberately. It is so clear if a girl is uncomfortable, you can understand from her body language. Shouldn't you reciprocate and make her at ease instead? I remember working with Hiten Tejwani, what a gentleman he is! Whenever he had to touch me, he would ask if I was okay with that. I remember once he had to lift me and he did it with so much grace.


Still from the show

And then suddenly we heard that the two had ironed out their differences. Tina even sent a statement, saying, "Mohit and I have ironed out our differences. We have concluded to make a new start. I don’t have any issues working with him. Our on-screen chemistry works for the show and shall maintain a professional environment for the betterment of the show. I am happy that our audience has liked the show and I am sure this new start will be appreciated by all and will put a rest to any further speculation."

We have concluded to make a new start! Big words! Strong words! But apparently, they were used for just the heck of it.

Koi new start nahin hua hai. SpotboyE.com has it that Tinaa and Mohit are not on any talking terms before the director calls 'Action' and after he calls 'Cut'. The director explains their saath waale scenes to them jointly and even during the instructions session, they both don't exchange any words with each other.

Is it that easy to take the show forward then? A source says, "Tinaa and Mohit are so much into their own characters. Besides, they are fine actors. So, there's no problem in getting the desired output. In fact, now, there's no talk of the show going off air, it's working quite well now."

Clearly, &TV (broadcaster) and Balaji are not complaining. Their agenda is not that Tinaa and Mohit should be friends. Their agenda is simply that their shoot doesn't suffer due to any friction between the lead pair- and that's exactly what's happening!

Image Source:gharmsaan,Instagram/daayan_fanmily,mohitmalhotra,tinadutta111