TV Actress Varsha Bhagwani Exposes How Sahila Chadha Protects Pratyusha Banerjee's Boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh

This is the Part 2 of Sahila Chadha Suffers A ‘Heart Attack’; Pratyusha Banerjee’s Boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh’s Lie Caught- the story which we brought to you last night. Here is the proof that Sahila was lying, or should we say that she is still shielding Rahul Raj Singh?
Yesterday, we told you that Rahul Raj Singh duped 'someone' of Rs 12,000 claiming that Sahila Chadha had got a heart attack and he needed money for her treatment. We did not name the person who helped Sahila through a friend because she did not want her identity revealed.

At the time of going online, Sahila had sent us a text which read: Rahul is Self Made & Independent & Comes From A Good Well To Do Family. He is My Family Too.Rahul Has D Capability To Give Me Money Himself Without Borrowing From Useless Losers & Thankfully I Too Am Financially Well To Do & Don't Need Any Money From Anyone Either.So These R Baseless NONSENSICAL TALKS Just To Unnecessarily Harm Rahul & Spoil His Name For Whatever Selfish Motives That Such People Have...Bloody Losers...(sic).”

We carried Sahila's quote in verbatim. However, we did not say that she negated the story but chose to say that she is in denial.

This was simply because we knew that 'someone' had indeed shelled out Rs 12,000 to a friend who passed on the money to Rahul Raj Singh so that he can tide over the 'crisis'.

Turns out, that 'someone' is now furious after reading Sahila's quote.

That 'someone' is none other than the TV actress Varsha Bhagwani.

Here are the messages from Varsha's mobile phone wherein Sahila is clearly telling Varsha that she is paying up for Rahul Raj Singh:

amount debited from account message
Message 1

sahila chadha messages
Message 2

sahila chadha talks about rahul raj singh
Message 3

Message 5

sahila chadha varsha bhagwani conversational messages
Message 6

sahila chadha varsha bhagwani conversation messages
Message 7

sahila chadha varsha bhagwani conversational messages over rahul raj singh
Message 8

saahila chaddha and varsha bhagwani messages on rahul raj singh
Message 9

The messages clearly reveal that Sahila is very possessive of Rahul and is concerned about his whereabouts.

Speaking EXCLUSIVELY to, Varsha told us this morning, "Sahila is a big liar. She is still shielding Rahul Raj Singh, and that is a pity. Rahul had borrowed Rs 12,000 from my friend and I am appalled that Sahil surfaces to call me a loser."

rahul raj singh whatsapp chat
Rahul Raj Singh Whatsapp Chat

Sahila, whose marriage to Sanjay Dutt's cousin Nimai Bali hit a rocky patch courtesy her decision to shelter Rahul,  has been going around saying that she threw out Nimai from their home because he tried to kill their daughter. In an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW subsequently to, Nimay had however cleared the air.

Thumbnail Image Source: instagram/irahulrajsingh & alchetron