WHAT! Ankita Lokhande-Vicky Jain’s PR Tried To RUIN Aishwarya Sharma-Neil Bhatt’s Image? Ex-Bigg Boss 17 Contestant Makes SHOCKING Allegations

Neil Bhatt has hinted that Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s PR team tried to intentionally showcase him and his wife Aishwarya Sharma as a bad couple after his eviction from Bigg Boss 17

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WHAT! Ankita Lokhande-Vicky Jain’s PR Tried To RUIN Aishwarya Sharma-Neil Bhatt’s Image? Ex-Bigg Boss 17 Contestant Makes SHOCKING Allegations
Television actor Neil Bhatt, who has left a lasting impression on the audience with his versatile performances, was recently evicted from Bigg Boss season 17 alongside Rinku Dhawan. This came as a shock to his fans since they were sure he would be one of the top 5 contestants on the show. During his time on the controversial reality show, he had many fights with Ankita Lokhande and her husband Vicky Jain. Now, he had indirectly alleged that the couple’s PR team had tried to show his relationship with Aishwarya Sharma in a bad light.

In an interview with Bollywoodlife.com, the Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin actor opened up about his experience of participating in the reality show along with his wife Aishwarya. When asked about the fights they had on the show, he shared how in the 11 weeks that they were together they only had one harmless argument which is natural for any couple. Bhatt went on to add that they just had one significant argument over coffee, however, their fight was blown out of proportion because of trolls and PR machinery. ALSO READ: Ankita Lokhande Wants To DIVORCE Hubby Vicky Jain After Bigg Boss 17 Ends? Actress Says, ‘Mujhe Pata Hai, You Are Done With Me’

Without taking any names, the 36-year-old actor hinted that it was because of Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain’s PR team that their relationship came off as toxic to others. He told the entertainment portal, “There's one more couple in the house whose relationship I don't want to comment on, but the way they're behaving with each other it's not creating a good impression outside. So how can their PR team allow my and Aishwarya's image to be portrayed well? They deliberately want to portray me and Aishwarya as a bad couple. You all know how the PR machinery works, and I believe as a responsible journalist, you should understand the difference between a real relationship and a toxic one. We had one fight, but you still asked me why because the PR machinery highlighted our particular fight. Smart people will understand why this thing is happening.” ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 17 Winner Is FIXED! Anurag Dobhal Gives SHOCKING Statement About Salman Khan's Reality Show After His Eviction - Read To Know

Neil went on to conclude that while they were in the game, Aishwarya and him were constantly pitted against each other and their small fight was blown out of proportion. The actor’s indirect jibe towards Ankita and Vicky, who are constantly fighting and making nasty comments about their partner, has not come as a surprise to the audience. It will be a waiting game to see how the show moves forward after Neil Bhatt’s eviction.

Hosted by Salman Khan, this time the Bigg Boss house is divided into three sections - Dil (heart), Dimaag (intelligence), and Dum (strength). Contestants have been put in different rooms. Isha Malviya, Mannara Chopra, Ankita Lokhande, Vicky Jain, Ayesha Khan, Samarth Jurel, Arun Mashettey, Soniya Bansal, Munawar Faruqui, Abhishek Kumar, and Aoora are the contestants of the current season. Neil Bhatt and Rinku Dhawan were recently evicted from the show.
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