WHAT! Muskaan Mihani’s In-Laws Never Liked Her As Their Bahu Because She Was A TV Actress

This is the second part of the ugly episode between Muskaan Mihani and her estranged husband Tushal Sobhani. Like we said last night, we hate to bring you the dirty details, but kya karein!
Muskaan Mihani’s husband Tushal Sobhani seems to be living in the primitive ages. This man, who shamelessly abandoned his wife and 20-month-old daughter, is enjoying a rollicking vacation in Dubai. He had no right to marry Muskaan. We will tell you why?

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The Sobhani family was never happy with their son’s choice. It was a love marriage. Yes, you heard it right!

Mr & Mrs Sobhani and their kith and kin often ganged up on Muskaan to tell her that they did not approve of her profession. Yes, they did not think that being a TV actress was a respectable profession.

Clearly, like their son, their mindsets too had not progressed beyond the Stone Age.

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Why has Tushal not kept pace with the changing times and the new conventions? He never stood up against his parents when they lashed out on this front.

We wonder if such men should even insist on marrying the girl of their choice.

Tushal chased Muskaan until she said ‘Yes’ to him. If you exchanged wedding vows with someone you REALLY love, then you should have the b***s to move away from the orthodox and irrational enclosure of their family

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