Abhinav Kohli's Tell-All Interview: Shweta Tiwari Has Hit Me With A Stick, Contrary To Her Domestic Violence Accusations'- EXCLUSIVE

Abhinav Kohli speaks to SpotboyE.com on his failed marriage with Shweta Tiwari, the custody of his child, Reyansh and all that broiled between the couple in 2017 and then later in 2019

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Abhinav Kohli's Tell-All Interview: Shweta Tiwari Has Hit Me With A Stick, Contrary To Her Domestic Violence Accusations'- EXCLUSIVE
Since 2017, reports of Shweta Tiwari and Abhinav Kohli's marriage hitting a rough patch was making news. In 2019, SpotboyE.com exclusively brought to you the big fight between the two where Shweta also filed an FIR against him for harassing her daughter Palak Tiwari.

After which Abhinav was arrested and got a bail later. Shweta in her interview opened up on how she had to face verbal abuse. Whereas Abhinav has been vocal on social media and kept claiming that his wife is not allowing him to meet his child Reyansh. 

Now, for the first time Abhinav in an exclusive interview with us has revealed what exactly went wrong between the two since 2017. And why they haven't separated legally yet. Read On:

When was the first time you and Shweta had an argument?
It was in 2017 that because of her family member, we had a big argument. I don't want to talk about what exactly happened between us and who the person was who was involved but after that scene, Shweta was not ready to listen to me and she separated me with my son Reyansh for three long months at that time. After those three months, things were sorted out between us and we got back again as husband and wife and were living a normal life till August 11, 2019.

What exactly happened on August 11, 2019? Why did Shweta had to file an FIR against you?
We again had a fight which was unrelated to anything sexual as what was written in the FIR against me. It was a normal fight over a child between two parents which blew out of proportion. But the punishment that I was given for that was not as per the crime committed. And after that too, by keeping my son away isn't she still punishing me? Even in our constitution it is written that you can't punish a man for the same crime twice.

But you still have not answered what was the reason for the fight which turned out to be so ugly?
On August 10, Palak had asked Shweta to kick me out of the house. And that was really disturbing for me. I was extremely hurt with her behaviour and felt offended also but I did not say anything to her on that day. Because when the atmosphere in the house is already a little hot, what we do is go quiet so that things don't get dirty. So I was also very quiet till the next day when Shweta and I got into an argument over Reyansh asking for instant noodles. Reyansh wanted to eat that instant noodles and I asked the maid to make for him, to which Shweta said no he will not eat that. So, Shweta and I started arguing about it and in no time she started abusing in front of Reyansh. I was already very disturbed because of Palak's statement from the previous day. And in that heat of the moment, an unlikely thing happened, after which they rushed to the nearby police station and put a case of sexual harassment on me. They got me arrested and I was there in the lockup for two days.

Is the case still on?
Yes the case is on but I got my bail from the Borivali Court on August 13 in the sexual harassment case. In my bail order also it is mentioned that I am staying in the same house with them.

So you were staying with them in the same house after that incident also?
Yes, I went to the same house and stayed with them. In fact, when I came out, this mother-daughter duo was normal with me again from September 25 which is the very next month. From that day I was again taking care of Reyansh. And things normalised to an extent that until April 2020 I was sleeping with them in the same room.

What kept you mumm to talk about the matter when the incident happened. And why did you decide to tell your story now?
What is projected about me is contrary to what the reality is. That is why I had to finally come out and speak up. Otherwise when the FIR was filed against me, a lot of people reached out to me and asked my side of the story but I did not speak about it. I was definitely in a very bad state with whatever happened with me. But after September 25, when my child was with me, I was totally fine and started living a normal life again. However, when I saw Shweta in her media interviews, is saying that I was the cancer and the infection. That really hit me. Also, my friends told me that why are you not giving your side of the story when you are being accused of all this. That's when I thought I was deceptive and being fooled. Is my image being used as a pedestal for somebody else to rise up.

You said you were very in a bad state after the accusation and arrest. How did you deal with it?
I had gone through a very bad phase after being arrested. In each and every publication all over India, it was written that I molested my daughter. So, when I used to go out in any restaurants also I used to feel that everybody is looking at me with the eye that he is the one who has molested his daughter. And honestly, I felt like jumping from my 22nd floor. It was so embarrassing and humiliating for me. It's easy to think about me as a second person. But to be in my shoes at that point of time, it was a very difficult phase for me.

What made you share your personal chat with Shweta on your Instagram page?
I know people took a lot of offence when I posted that grab of our chats on social media. That message had nothing but Shweta saying we have to fill petrol in the car. Lavu (Palak) also wants to join you and Reyansh also wants finger paint. My intention was just to tell the world that I am being called cancer whereas things are all well between us. And I was actually taking care of the baby while she was working and busy promoting her shows. Even during the COVID times, I was totally a part of the family and was going out to get all the groceries. Palak wanted to come along to go out and see how the lockdown was, so she also accompanied one day. 

Then what suddenly went wrong?
I still don't understand what exactly went wrong. Because of COVID-19, I was away from my child for two months and staying with my mother. When the Corona thing started last year in March, I was asymptomatic with COVID. So for the baby's safety, Shweta and I decided to protect him from the virus. I should stay away from him. I also agreed and moved into my other flat where my mother resides. So, I had symptoms on May 14, 2020 when I went there she again obstructed me to get into the house. And when I tried to force myself into the house, she called the Police and I had to leave from there. I still have nothing against the Police because after May 2020, whatever NC's she has done against me, the police have written out that this man is the married husband of Shweta Tiwari. He goes to that house because he wants to meet his child but she is not allowing him to meet the child because they had a verbal argument which is the fact.

So from May you didn't get to meet Reyansh?
I tried to meet him in May and in August I decided to take a legal route for meeting him and went to the court. And in September, Shweta tested positive for COVID-19. Reyansh was also having fever and when I spoke to the pediatrician he said because Shweta was breastfeeding him he may also have contracted the virus. So, please protect your mother. But my mother said nothing after a long time our child had come to our house. I am not going to lock myself projecting from COVID. Reyansh stayed with us for 35 days. I had also put one video on my Instagram where Shweta is trying to convince the child to come along with her and he isn't agreeing to it. After staying for 15 days the child was vehemently saying again and again ki agar papa saath mein jaayenge to hi ham ghar jaayenge. I never stopped Shweta from coming into my house. I always invited her and she also used to come and spend 2-3 hours with him. And on October 24, I gave the baby to Shweta on the baby's wish but on the 25th she went absconding with the child.

What makes you say she was absconding?
On 25th October, when I messaged Shweta my chat was not getting delivered to her. I thought her phone might be off but till late afternoon, it was the same. When I tried calling her my call was not reaching her. I rushed to her house where the maid said they are not at home and I am not lying. And I was shocked. After spending 35 days with my child day and night, I am dying to see his face. She cut me off from the child completely. I went to her set, her staff's houses, friends' houses and inquired but nobody knew where she was. Then I reached somebody in her show's production house and asked when is she shooting next? So he said tomorrow then, again next day I went to her sets. I sat outside the set like a servant for Madam to come. When she came I said I want to meet my son. Why are you doing this and she used to say I am not doing anything. For almost a week, I visited her set and followed her but didn't come to know where she is staying. I used to sit till long hours on the sets asking her about my son but she didn't tell me. Not even one shot of her was spoilt because of me. I didn't disturb her work at all. Then she again went to the police and complained that he was coming on my sets and harrassing me. I told the cops that she is absconding with my child. Since September till October 24 the child was with me in my custody but now I have no news where he is? Police took my complaint also.

Did that help you to meet Reyansh?
No. Then one of my friends told me she is hiding in the hotel Hilton. I went there and tried my best to find out about them. I also called the police but then came to know she had checked out two days back. I kept asking my friends and the people who were common between us but nobody helped me. But I didn't stop going on her sets. She used to leave the baby in a hotel room with the nany and used to come for work. I kept pleading her but she didn't tell me where my child is? Then one day I came to know today is the last day of 'Mere Dad Ki Dulhan'. And I was like if I don't find my son today I can never find him. I borrowed a motorcycle from my students after her pack up. I followed her car and I caught her in Hyatt near the airport. She went into the hotel and I followed her and made a video also. The hotel staff didn't allow me to go up. When I was disappointed and turned back I saw Nany and told her please get my son down or I am calling the police. The hotel staff informed me the room is booked on some other name and we can't help you. I called the police. They came in but unfortunately it also didn't help. I cried my heart out there and seeing me crying the cops told me pitying on your condition we will go and talk to her but we can't guarantee if you will be able to meet your child. And I was expecting her to have some heart but she again denied. The police came back and said you come with us to the police station as you can't stay here and meet that child. We have met the child and he says that he doesn't want to meet his father.

When was the last time you met Reyansh?
It was on October 25. And now I can see him only virtually and that is also because of the honourable high court's order.

Abhinav what are you fighting for?
I have come to a conclusion after a lot of thinking and counselling from friends and family that for me and my son, he definitely needs a father. Even if we can't meet eye to eye. Whether she loves me or hates me, it doesn't matter. You have your own life which I am not going to interfere with although you are still my wife legally. You just make me meet my son. If I am a bad person then why have you not filed for a divorce?

You want to end this husband and wife relationship?
I have thought about it at length but have not come to a conclusion on that. Because I feel first and foremost before any decision, the decision about my son's life has to be given. If you don't want to live with me that's all right but you can't take away my constitutional right of meeting my son.

What do you have to say about her recent interview where she spoke about what all she has to deal with because of her failed marriages?
Her interview were more on the trolling she had to face and not maligning me or Raja. That is how she is reacting to it and how she is not concerned. It was more about that. My thinking on that is you are not being trolled over your work which you have done in decades in this industry. You are a very good actor, a beautiful girl who knows to maintain herself and everything is very wonderful about you. When it comes to your professional life, people love you for it. If today people are trolling you, it is only because of that one act- that a child needs to be with his father. And when it comes to children everybody will be able to associate with the pain I am going through.  

In the same interview she has also spoken about facing domestic violence in front of her kid...
If you see her interview very closely, she said that when my child was 6-year-old, she saw me getting beaten. I was not in Palak's life at that time. She is talking about Raja. Again Palak in her note which she posted about me after the August 11, 2019 incident on her Instagram and later deleted it, she had written clearly that apart from that day Abhinav has never slapped my mother in the past 10 years. Apart from the fact that I have done anything sexually wrong with her, which I feel Palak does have the consciousness somewhere that I have not done it, her father has never ever inappropriately touched her. 

Have you ever beaten up Shweta?
I have never beaten Shweta apart from that slap which Palak herself has mentioned in that open letter. And I had already apologised for that slap to both of them. This whole thing is just a confusion created by Shweta just to prove that I used subjected her to domestic violence which is not true. I have never been a woman beater.  In her latest interview again she is saying ki Abhinav ne bola ek aurat ki izzat utarna kitna aasan hai. So she is just trying to make my image bad by saying that Abhinav is anti-woman, he doesn't respect women. Whereas I have never disrespected her in any of my interviews or a social media post. In all my posts, I am just posting what has been the fact. On the contrary to her claims, Shweta has hit me with a stick.

When was this?
In 2017, when we had  a fight and she separated me from my child for three months, I tried to meet my child. And I have also shared a photo on my Instagram where you can see that black mark below my eyes. Shweta also has CCTV footage of that incident as she had written a letter to the society asking for it as evidence for that fight. In her latest interview Shweta says I also get provoked but I have not hit anybody. But she has hit me and when she did that to me nobody came to know as I didn't go to the media and said anything or ran away from my child which she has been doing. From 2017, I have been suffering because of all this but I never spoke about it. You hit me, used your daughter to put a wrong allegation on me who was brought up by this very man, created a wrong image in front of the world.

You guys were in love and then tied the knot. Then what according to you is the reason for all this?
I am not very sure but sometimes when I think about whatever is happening with us, it could be post pregnancy depression. When I think about the arguments which we had, somethings could have been handled differently but weren't because of this reason. I am not saying she has been suffering from it but it could be. Because Shweta and I have been in a relationship for a very long time and this has always been a very nice and sweet relationship. We were so good together ki 'log nazar lagate the'. Now, when things have become so merciful I get this thought that there is some kind of influence on her that is not normal. I even read these days to understand why a mother is not allowed to meet a father with his own child? This is not the first fight which has happened between couples. There have been fights between couples. And people very maturely and with an understanding way, resolve it. It is really very difficult for me also to understand what is the cause?

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