Asha Negi Was AWKWARD While Kissing Sharman Joshi In Baarish 2; Adds, 'Told My Director Humara Show Toh Gharelu Hai Na!'- EXCLUSIVE

We spoke to TV actress Asha Negi recently about her webseries, Baarish's Season 2, Pavitra Rishta, and more. Read below

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Asha Negi Was AWKWARD While Kissing Sharman Joshi In Baarish 2; Adds, 'Told My Director Humara Show Toh Gharelu Hai Na!'- EXCLUSIVE
TV actress Asha Negi, who made a successful debut on digital platform with web series Baarish, is now excited for Season 2 of it. The actress has pushed the envelope this time round as she indulges in an on-screen kissing scene for the first time. We spoke to her at length about the new season, her old show Pavitra Rishta and much more. Read on: 

First on-screen kiss, were you nervous?
After some point of time, every actor has to take the call if he or she is okay to do such scenes and frankly, I had somewhere decided in my mind that if I have to do it for a role, I will be okay about it. But when Nandita Ma'am told me that there will be a kissing scene with Sharman Joshi this season, I did get nervous and told her, ''Oh, but Ma'am hamara show to bada gharelu type hain na?" But then she explained to me that I don't have to worry as the scene will be shot in a way that it will not look vulgar or raunchy, but really cute. In the previous season, we had not come close as husband and wife but in this season, we are growing closer, so it was the demand of the script. So, I agreed.


But how was it on the actual day of shoot?
While we were shooting, I was feeling extremely awkward. However Sharman made me feel comfortable. Nandita ma'am was there too to calm me down. But after the scene, whole crew made fun of me seeing my awkwardness towards it (laughs).

Jeetendra has also marked his digital debut with your web series. How was the encounter with such a senior and great actor? 
You know when we came to know that Jeetendra ji will be shooting with us, we all were so excited but at the same time we were thinking such a veteran actor will be on our set, so we have to behave good and work sincerely in his presence. But believe me, the day he came for the shoot, the environment was so positive and fun-filled. He is someone who doesn't like to sit at one place. The moment he used to get ready, he was on the set. He discussed such fun moments of his time with us. I remember once he was telling an incident between Rajesha Khanna ji and him, and I told Sharman this is such an amazing feeling that you are not only getting to work with someone who you have grown up watching but also hearing his stories with other legends is so unexpected. I had never imagined that. 

That was your first interaction with him?
No. He had called me when Baarish Season 1 went on air, to praise me for my work. I was on cloud nine and excitedly called my father to inform that Jeetu Ji called me. And he was feeling so proud. After shooting our scene with him, in Season 2, the first person I called was again my dad.

Do you like baarish in real life?
Yes, but if I have to stay home and binge on chai pakoda, only then.


Have you ever got stuck in Mumbai rains?
Luckily I haven't. I know most of the Mumbaikars have some or the other experience but mere saath aisa kabhi kuch hua nahi.

Other than your show, Pavitra Rishta, many iconic shows are being rerun on TV, are you watching them?
Not really but my parents are very much seeing Ramayan and Mahabharat. However, I can tell you my favourite shows which I would love to watch are Captain Vyom and Chandrakanta.

Any of your own show you want to get retelecasted?
Pavitra Rishta and it's already on-air.

Are you watching that?
No, but meri Mummy Pavitra Rishta roz dekh rahi hai and bolti rehti hai tune aise kiya tune waise kiya (laughs). But looking back at those days, I really feel I have evolved as an actor.


That show uplifted you career, how did you bag Purvi's role? 
I was shooting for Bade Ache Lagtey Hain in Klick Nixon, while the auditions for this character was going on in the same premises. They called me to audition for the role and I went for it late evening. After my audition, the casting person told me, "Aapko raat mein kabhi bhi call aa sakta hai aur agar aap select hote ho to aapko subah 9 baje set pe aana padega as media ke saath press conference rakhi hain." And I was like what? It was a last moment casting and I got selected thankfully. They called me at 5 am to inform that I have been selected for the role. I still remember I couldn't sleep the whole night thinking about the result.

Ending the chat with Baarish Season 2, do you feel it is getting the expected response?
This was the right time to stream Season 2 as people are at home and consuming lot of content on digital platform. In fact, many have seen Baarish Season 1 during the lockdown. So, it's quite fresh in their minds. They have been constantly asking me about its 2nd season and now when it's out, they are showering same love for Season 2.

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