Bigg Boss 14 Contestant Pavitra Punia's Ex-Boyfriend Pratik Sehajpal On Facing Her: "Been 1.5 Years Since We Met, It'll Be Exciting'- EXCLUSIVE

Here's a frank conversation with actor Pratik Sehajpal about his past relationship with Pavitra Punia, who is currently locked inside the Bigg Boss 14 house

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Bigg Boss 14 Contestant Pavitra Punia's Ex-Boyfriend Pratik Sehajpal On Facing Her: "Been 1.5 Years Since We Met, It'll Be Exciting'- EXCLUSIVE
Bigg Boss 14 contestant Pavitra Punia's love life has been making headlines ever since she entered the controversial reality show. Her Ex-boyfriend Paras Chhabra recently accused her of two timing while they were dating each other whereas her affair with Pratik Sehajpal, who is much younger to her, also grabbed a lot of eyeballs. 

Although Pratik and Pavitra never made their relationship official but their lovey dovey pictures all over social media kept them in the news. But for the first time Pratik has come out to discuss his dating journey with her in a candid conversation with, where he not only revealed what made him fall for her but also the real reason for them breaking up. Read on;

Are you watching Bigg Boss 14?
Yes, I have watched a couple of episodes.

Your Ex-girlfriend Pavitra Punia is also locked inside. Do you feel she is playing well?
As long as the game is concerned, jabtak game real hota hai accha lagta hai jaise hi game dikhkar saamne aajata hai to vo real lagna band ho jata hai.

So, is she playing real or no?
I think she is real right now and playing well.

You mean to say she is exactly the way she is inside?
See what happens inside is that all your emotions come out extreme. Like if you lock me also in that house, that place is such that I may also show my 1% emotion into 100%. The show has just begun, so only time will tell how long she manages to be real. 

In one of the episodes, she mentioned breaking up with you. Was that the actual reason for your break-up?
Honestly, I also heard this reason for our breakup on the show only. As she never told me that she is leaving me because of my career. Kai baar hota hai insaan kuch chize us waqt nahi bol pata yaa apni weakness nahi dikhana chahta. But as she is mentioning this now on the show, then I really have to wait and see if this was the actual reason or she just said it for the show.

In one of the recent interviews, you said she didn't want you to do a bold scene and was very possessive about you... 
Actually, I always used to discuss my work with her and take suggestions as she was an experienced artist. So, when I was approached to do a steamy scene she told me don't such a show at the start of your career and I also analysed that situation and decided not to do it. Her advice was there but it was my decision also. We had an argument around it but no major fight happened over it.

So you two never had fights?
We have fought many times but reasons were different. Both of us were possessive about each other and we two are equally aggressive, so even small things used to trigger us easily.

Then what reason did she give you while breaking up?
We had a fight over something after which I went back to Delhi and then I went to meet my sister in Chandigarh. And by then hamari baat chit kaafi kam ho chuki thi. As when she used to call I used to not answer and when I used to call back, she used to not take calls. So, when I came back we met and she said let's breakup as things are not working out. Too many fights are happening.

You didn't try to hold her back?
I am not a kind of guy who thinks haath mein aayi to theek nahi aayi to nahi aayi. I gave it my all and tried asking her what is the real reason. But she didn't want to discuss anything. I tried my best to hold her back but unfortunately things didn't get resolved.

It's been how long that you two broke up?
It's been around one and half years now.

For how long were you in a relationship?
We didn't date for long. It was about 4-5 months including our BCL (Box Cricket League) time.

You two have a major age gap. What made you fall for her?
For me age doesn't matter frankly. I just want the person to be mature. She is older to me but she has matured also. And I don't keep conditions while falling in love with somebody. I just see that person's nature and behaviour towards me and in her case also it was the same.

If you are asked to participate in the ongoing season and stay with her. Will you do it?
Why not? I don't have any problem with her and I don't even hate her either. In fact, we haven't met each other for one and half years, ever since we broke up. So, I myself would be excited to experience the moment jab hum aamne saamne aayenge. I am not a person who will say that I don't want to go inside because she is staying inside. I believe in moving on in life and accept what comes my way.

What if she finds a partner inside. Will you be ok with that?
I have no problem at all, after all it's her life. After our break up how many guys she dated or how many girls I dated, na usko pata hai na mujhko pata hai. We are living our lives. Koi kisi ke bina mar nahi jata. She can do whatever she wants to.

Image Source: instagram/pratiksehajpal