Bigg Boss 14 VIP Contestant Manu Punjabi: 'I Will Tell Jasmin Bhasin That Her Friendship With Aly Goni Is Fake'- EXCLUSIVE

Here's Manu Punjabi speaking about his reentry in the Bigg Boss house. The former contestant talks to us about his game plan, and favourite contestants

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Bigg Boss 14 VIP Contestant Manu Punjabi: 'I Will Tell Jasmin Bhasin That Her Friendship With Aly Goni Is Fake'- EXCLUSIVE
Manu Punjabi who was one of the finalists of Bigg Boss 10 is making an entry in Bigg Boss 14 now as the VIP guest. Manu, who was introduced as a commoner to the world is quite a famous personality now. His opinions, videos and posts on various seasons of Bigg Boss often keep him in the news. 

And now, when he is all set to enter the house one more time, we caught up with him for a candid chat. Excerpts from our conversation:

With what mission are you re-entering this season?
Only to reconnect with my audience. To have their love and blessings one more time. To entertain them once again and to just play once more and take the trophy home. But there is no greed even if I don't win any trophy. Bigg Boss is giving me a little more time in that house which actually changed my life and made me a better person. Now, I can fight any situation, it made me a stronger person.

Along with you, many famous ex-contestants are re-entering the house. Who are you excited to meet and spend time with?
I have been in touch with Arshi for a while now. So, it will be fun. And Rakhi Sawant. She is so much fun, at least I'm sure I will not get bored.

One contestant you like and dislike from this season and why?
This year people haven't come out and shown their actual identity. I believe lockdown has made them used to being locked. Hence, getting locked in Bigg Boss wasn't new to them. Lockdown has taught all of us to live with less resources, so again it wasn't a problem. During lockdown we learned to do household works too. In other seasons, achanak se apka freedom khatam hota hai and you act weird. But this season they were used to it. So, it wasn't fun. I can't judge anyone. I'm getting in with a positive mindset for all.

Your recent post hinted that Jasmin's friendship towards Aly is fake. Will you personally tell her this and give her a reality check?
Yes, I will definitely tell her that. But at the same time I will not be a teacher.

What is that one thing you will do in this season which you didn't get to do in your season?
Last time, I was using my mind a bit to win but this year I'll enjoy it the most. I will have fun.

Who do you feel doesn't deserve to be in the game and if given a chance you will nominate him/her?
Abhinav, I don't understand his presence in the house. Just to be with his wife.

Rakhi Sawant is entering the house who holds the tag of drama queen. Are you excited to experience it live?
Very much, as I said she is entertainment. I didn't watch the 1st season, so let's see what she has in store this time.