Bigg Boss 15’s Evicted Contestant Akasa Singh On Her Bond With Pratik Sehajpal: I Really Like Him, My Feelings For Him Were Genuine Inside House-EXCLUSIVE

In an exclusive chat with SpotboyE, Akasa Singh talks about her Bigg Boss 15 journey, her bond with Pratik Sehajpal and more

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Bigg Boss 15’s Evicted Contestant Akasa Singh On Her Bond With Pratik Sehajpal: I Really Like Him, My Feelings For Him Were Genuine Inside House-EXCLUSIVE
Singer Akasa Singh, who was voted out of the reality show Bigg Boss 15 last week, has been grabbing headlines for her strong bond with Pratik Sehajpal. During her stint inside the house, Akasa has been quite vocal about her liking for Pratik and confessed that he likes him as a human being. Now, post coming out of the show, the singer has been showering praise on Pratik. In an exclusive chat with, Akasa talked about her BB15 journey, her equation with Pratik, and more. She also expressed her gratitude towards  Pratik for taking good care of her on the show.

When asked if her feelings for Pratik Sehajpal inside the house were genuine or for the game, Akasa Singh shared, I don’t know who said or understood it this way that I said that I liked Pratik. What I had said was to Donald or whoever that I was talking to was that I really like him as a human being. Because aap kisi ko 3 din mai like nahi karte ho at least with me it doesn't work that way. So I don't know what it went what came out outside the house and in the real world. But I maintained from the beginning that it really like him as a person. And everyone thought it was for the game. If I knew how to like or dislike or use someone for the game, I'm pretty sure I would be in the show. And I would be playing much better. I, unfortunately, did not know how to do this or play the game that way.”

Talking about her comparison with Neha Bhasin, she said, “When it comes to Neha, I never watched a single episode of OTT. And I did on purpose; I didn't because I didn't want any preconceived notions about anyone. So whatever comparison happened, I don't think there was any similarity. It was just maybe the fact that there is a reality show and there is a singer maybe that people must be comparing but I don't think there was any similarity in that because it was I don't know. I will have to watch OTT to figure out exactly. But I think Pratik and I shared a very strong friendship.”

Further, when asked if it is Pratik Sehajpal’s game plan to look lonely inside the house, Akasa Singh mentioned, “Nobody's gameplan is ever to look lonely. I think it's just how Pratik is. He doesn't really care about what people say or what they do, you know who's supporting him. He cares more about the game. And he's always said that. So, which is why we used to fight a lot because I, upon multiple occasions, tried, you know, telling him to sort of making it up with other people in the house or with sort of, you know, I used to be like, I need you to be friends with people. But that's just how he is as a person. I don't think he's cornered anymore. He has good bonds, like Umar and Simba always maintained a good bond with him. Whoever likes me whoever doesn't I can't help it. So that is the case with him.”

“My biggest takeaway from the Bigg Boss 15 journey is that there's a lot I need to learn about life that niceness is not always strength. I always said being real is very important to me. And whenever someone asks me, what's advice you'd give to artists? I've always said be real, be original. And I think I did that on the show, regardless of what I came across. But I just, I didn't do anything just for the heck of it or just so I could get some attention and I'm really proud of the fact that I maintained that. I miss everything about the show, i miss the House. I miss the beautiful friends that I made. It's a very different world inside and once you're out of that world, you tend to, you know, miss it,” Akasa Singh signed off. Also Read: Bigg Boss 15: Akasa Singh Gets EVICTED; Pratik Sehajpal Says ‘Her Absence Is Going To Hit Me’

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