Bigg Boss OTT Contestant Ridhima Pandit On The Format Of The Show: 'For Me, Every Person Who Does The Show Is A Winner' - EXCLUSIVE

Ridhima Pandit is quite nervous and very excited about stepping inside the Bigg Boss OTT house. The actress spoke to SpotboyE about her anticipated journey, and a lot more. Read on!

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Bigg Boss OTT Contestant Ridhima Pandit On The Format Of The Show: 'For Me, Every Person Who Does The Show Is A Winner' - EXCLUSIVE
Television actor Ridhima Pandit will soon be seen in Karan Johar's reality show Bigg Boss OTT as a contestant. And before entering the controversial house, the actress spoke to SpotboyE at length about her OTT (over the top) plans for the show. 

Q: Are you nervous about the show?
A: Oh yes!! Of course, I am nervous! Bigg Boss is the biggest reality show on Indian television. It's also the most challenging one as we are swept away and locked up in a house out of our comfort zone and our people - friends, family, no phones etc.  So yes, I am nervous, but with it, I am also super excited.  

Q: Who was the first one to know you are going to the show and what was his/her reaction?
A: It was my sister, and she was extremely excited. She is a bigger fan of the show than I am and is my personal cheerleader.

Q: Did you speak with any of your industry friends to understand the game better?
A: No, because we are under a confidentiality agreement and can not reveal that we are doing the show. I can keep secrets :)  

Q: Karan Johar's recent promo suggests things will be extremely over the top. Are you ready for it?
A: Will I ever be ready? I’m not sure! And then another part of me says let's start right away!  It's like waiting in the line for a rollercoaster. As scary as it looks, you can’t wait to jump on and feel the adrenaline rush too!  

Q: You are someone who likes to keep her personal life private. How are you planning to manage that here?
A: Well, I don’t think there is too much in my personal life, to begin with, that needs to be of discussion. I’m going to be myself and people will get to see the person I am. And the show’s format doesn’t allow conversations about the outside world – remember the house rules?  

Q: What will be your reaction if they lock somebody you hate with you in the same house?
A: I would love it! That’s a challenge and I think it would teach me to deal with so many of my own emotions and feelings and overcome certain barriers. But aisa koi hai nahin. Because I always clear things out with people who have rubbed me the wrong way.

Q: The journey this time is expected to be quite long from OTT to channel and around six long months to get the final winner. Will you be able to survive in that bubble?
A: Time will tell, but let me tell you this tea is quite strong and isn’t going to get cold so easily (winks). I’m a warrior, who is in for the win!

Q: Fights and controversies are fodder for the show. Will you be able to give that drama to the audience?
A: Those are circumstantial, depending on the dynamics at that moment. And I’m not a silent person who can watch injustice happening. So I’m sure I will also get into battles but that is a part and parcel of the game.  

Q: Have you followed the show before and who has been your favourite winner?
A: [I have watched the show] In glimpses. I have seen parts of various scenes but I can’t pick one favourite as the show is such that there are so many who have won truly and deservingly, others who may not have won but then made such a transition from the show. For me, every person who does the show is a winner as they truly are getting into a very tough battle outside their comfort zone.

Image source: Instagram/ridhimapandit