Ishqbaaaz Girl Shrenu Parikh Says, "Even I'm Leaving The Show." And Here's Why!

Read Shrenu Parikh spilling the beans on Ishqbaaaz, Surbhi Chandna and lots more. The TV actress spoke to at length. The controversy continues, but Shrenu is not letting it affect her

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Ishqbaaaz Girl Shrenu Parikh Says, "Even I'm Leaving The Show." And Here's Why!
Are you doing Ishqbaaaz in days to come?

You decided or someone else?
The story is taking a leap. It is no more something that we should continue. The call was taken by the makers.

Saying that you won't be part of the story post-leap?

Surbhi parekh

But how come, suddenly? Had things started to go wrong?
We had explored all the love stories and the show had reached a point where all the families needed to grow. That's how they took the step. Aur isse better answer toh only Gul ma'am can give you.

Is it that you didn't want to play mom post-leap?
No, I wasn't asked to play mom. That situation (Read: option) was never offered to me.

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What about Nakuul?
I think Nakuul stays.

Feeling bad about leaving the show?
Of course. It has been very close to me. We all have covered a certain journey till now, together. But I guess we should be just practical and look forward to new beginnings.

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Is the leap happening because the TRPs...
(Interrupts) We really don't have a say in such things. But if the step (Read: leap) is being taken to save the show, it's only good na?

The popularity/TRPs of Isqhbaaaz has/have waned in the recent past...
Yeah, so the step (Read: leap) could have been taken for the betterment of the show. What's wrong with it?

What's your opinion about Surbhi Chandna's exit?
I understand that the fans are largely attached to her character-Anika. So they must be obviously feeling bad. Surbhi and I feel bad for them. But such is life, and the show must go on.

Gul Khan (Ishqbaaaz maker) is being trolled. ..
She is the one who created Anika. Unko poora haque hai show ko aage leke jaane ka. Kuch toh socha hoga unhone, koi definite structure zaroor hoga unke man mein.

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