Monalisa: I Love Wearing Bikinis And My Husband Motivated Me To Get In Shape

Monalisa in a frank and forthcomning interview with The lady is smiling from ear to ear- and why not? She is in great shape and has embarked on Season 2 of the popular sex comedy web series Dupur Thakurpo

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Monalisa: I Love Wearing Bikinis And My Husband Motivated Me To Get In Shape

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Monalisa's recent pictures of Jhuma Boudi are going viral. We got in touch with the actress who revealed a lot about her upcoming character, look and work. Here are the excerpts:

Your look for Jhuma Bhoudi in the web series Dupur Thakurpo is making headlines, how does it feel?
It feels great. Not only me but the makers are also extremely happy with the kind of response we are getting to read. They have done justice to my look. I would say.

mona lisa on her new show

Tell us about the web series?
It's Season 2 of this popular Bengali web series.. Earlier this character was played by famous actress Swastika Mukherjee and this time they have taken me on board. It's a sex comedy. Where there are six devar's who are so obsessed with their Bhabhi that their family has put them into a rehab to come out of it. I arrive there (village girl) looking for my husband who has left me on my suhaag raat. How I get engaged with them forms the remaining story.

Your look is very sexy...
Yes, totally. And the team is giving their best to maintain it. They are concentrating on small, small things. They are presenting me in a never seen avatar. FYI,  my husband (Vikrant) too is very impressed with this Bengali look of mine.

mona lisa on her health

How excited are you to go onscreen?
Very much. I am a Bengali in real life. And from a long time. I was thinking to do some work in Bengali.

After Bigg Boss, we were expecting you to see in Hindi cinema and serials?
You have already seen me in Nach Baliye, Comedy Dangal, Appereance in Nimki Mukhiya and right now I can't disclose anything about a new, upcoming project. But I would say soon you will get to see me in something else too. Just pray it happens.

What kind of characters you want to play?
Glamorous and sexy because I feel that it goes with my personality too (laughs). I would love to something what Priyanka played in Aitraaz.

mona lisa with husband vikrant singh rajput

You working on your body?
I have lost almost 12 kgs after I came out from Bigg Boss 10. In the house, I didn't work out at all. I always wanted to look fit and I think have reached somewhere near to it. I am trying my level best to lose a few more kilos so that I become perfect.

Are you apprehensive about being trolled when you put revealing pictures from your holidays?
I would say that in that respect, I am blessed with my lovely fans. I know many women get trolled if they put out glamorous, bold pictures. But in my case, I have always got appreciated, even when I have sported a bikini. And that is the reason I don't take a thought before posting such pictures on public platforms.

mona lisa on trollers

Does Vikrant support you in this?
Totally. He himself is a fitness freak. I used to love wearing sexy outfits like bikini etc. But he used to not like me in them. Frankly, I was very healthy before my marriage, when we were seeing each other. He used to not like it if I wore any such thing which didn't go with my body. He motivated me to lose weight, and now when I am in a better shape, he also likes me donning such outfits and praises me.

Are your in-laws ok with your bold steps in this glamour industry?
They live in a village where they hardly get to know what we are doing here. Still if they come across of any such thing like if someone shows them my social media profiles, they never question me. In fact, they ignore such people and always stand up for me.