Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Wife Aaliya On Actor's Affairs: 'His Female Friends Entered The House As Soon As I Stepped Out'- EXCLUSIVE

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is constantly in news nowadays as his wife Aaliya has demanded divorce and also revealed a lot of dirty details about their relationship. We also spoke to Aaliya and had an elaborate chat with her on what went wrong between the two

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Wife Aaliya On Actor's Affairs: 'His Female Friends Entered The House As Soon As I Stepped Out'- EXCLUSIVE got in touch with Aaliya Siddiqui, popular actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui's wife who has been creating headlines for demanding divorce from the actor. Excerpts from the conversation that followed:

Have you received any kind of revert to your legal notice yet?
No they haven't respond to it yet.

Now that you have come out in open to talk about your differences, has Nawaz or his family tried to contact you to sort out issues?
They haven't made any call to me. I don't know what is going in their minds. But all I know is I want to come out of this relationship.

You said there were differences since a long time and he wasn't behaving responsible towards you and the children. Did he ever tell you that he wants to divorce you?
The kind of person Nawaz is, he would never initiate the topic of divorce until I would have demanded. That's what he and his family does. They harass you in such a way that the person is not left with much choice but to leave. Whatever divorces have happened in his family, none of the male members have initiated divorced, only the females have walked out of relationships.


You think he will get agree to give you a divorce?
He has to because I can't live with him. I was quiet and kept everything to myself but now when I have realised that it's taking a toll on my mental health, how can I stay with him? Agar main hi theek nahi rahungi to baccho ko kaise theek se rakhungi.

What made you wait for long 4 years to file for a divorce?
He is not a good person and he has been disrespecting me all these years. I kept quiet for so long because I had some hope. In spite of he putting me down all the time, I was silent as I didn't want my kids to suffer because of us. In fact, before sending him the legal notice, I had called and told him that 'I can't live my life with you because of the way you treat me, so I want a separation' to which he replied, "Jaao jo karna hai karo." He always had it in his mind that I will never leave him.

When did you realise that he is changing?
He was always like this but after he received fame and his films like Gangs Of Wasseypur and many other projects did well and he got recognition, his behaviour towards me changed even more. He didn't even realise that I took care of him when he had no money.


Go on...
When we got married, I was the one who ran our house for 2 years. I beared all the expenses including my first delivery as he had no money at that time. I have sold out my possessions to survive. I got married to him, when he was in his struggling phase, at my rented house. The maulana who got our nikaah done was also paid by me. I got him from Ekta Nagar to Four Bunglows and then stardom got into his head so much that he forget all those days and started treating me like an insane.

But as you said he always mistreated you, why didn't you leave him at that point of time itself and moved on?
I had left him once in the initial years too. For almost one year I stayed alone with my 6-month-old baby in a rented flat in Patliputra. There was no one to support me as when I got married to him, my parents broke all ties with me because of the inter-caste marriage. At that time, affording a house for 15 K per month was also a task for me but I chose to do that instead of staying with him.

So how did you come back to him? Did he convince you?
He didn't even come to meet his new born for 8 long months. But then when we again got in touch in between and at that time I thought let's go back to him. He had started getting work and I was left with no money then, and also had a small kid to take care of. I thought let's give it another try, may be he will change. But nothing changed- in fact his misbehaviour increased even more. I kept hearing about his affairs, I used to leave the house and his female friends used to come in. I have tolerated him to the level which one can't even think of. And those who are asking, why am I leaving him now, so let me tell them that I had left him before too. If I am leaving him when his career is at the peak and we have two kids together, one can understand that how disturbed I would be to take such a drastic step.

Did he call you to ask about the kids? When was the last time they met him?
I guess it's been more then 3 months now. He has never been a responsible husband or a father. I have delivered both my kids alone. He used to call them once in 3-4 months. And that too, he called them from his office number and always said he is on an outdoor shoot. I also didn't tell them his reality and I am not going to tell also because they are too young to know all this. Maybe after our separation, I will have to tell them but that's not what I am thinking as of now.

How does his family react to all this?
They are also like him- narrow minded people. I have stayed with them also for a year, when his sister who is now not between us, mother, father, brother resided in same house with us. Their behaviour towards me and my kids was no different.


His brother Shamas said that he got to know about your differences and divorce news from media?
Let him say what he wants to say. But I have enough proofs to prove myself. In these 4 years, he has not even come 4 times to our building and whole society can vouch for that as they themselves used to keep telling me, "Please call him someday whenever there is an event." Our watchmen used to wait to see him. But I guess now everyone will know how much a person, who is seeing the so called stardom closely, suffers.

How are you going to manage things without him?
Post marriage, I gave up on my career but I have re-started. It's been almost two years that I have started my own production house which is not in a great stage but now but I will be putting all my efforts. As I belong to this industry, I can't think of doing anything else.

You think your work will also get hampered because of this news?
Definitely, till now people used to apparoach me thinking she is Nawaz's wife but now they will also have in mind that "ab Nawaz ki biwi nahi hai." But still I won't change my stand. As I know, if I am talented enough to chose the right script and produce a sensible film, I will surely get successful in the industry.

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