Nimki Mukhiya's Bhumika Gurung: I Like Wearing Shorts During Monsoon

In an EXCLUSIVE chat with, Bhumika Gurung gets candid on her style, fashion, shoes, clothes, shopping and lots more...

Nimki Mukhiya has gained lot of popularity in quick time...
Yes, and the feeling is amazing. I knew the show will be loved in rural areas but never expected that it will receive the same love from metros too. 

You also received an award for 'Best Debutante'? 
After working for 14 hours a day, this award make you feel so good.


What similarities do Bhumika and Nimki have?
I think they are alike to the tune of 80 per cent. I am mostly like my character in reel life, it's just that Nimki is a bit more practical then I am in real life. I tend to be more emotional than Nimki. 

You are a diva in real life, so high on style... 
Thank you so much. I would say that I wear whatever I am comfortable in--- and nothing extra. But yes, I do take a long time to get ready as I keep mixing and matching till the time it comes out well.  I am not trend conscious, though. 


What is the maximum time you have spent in getting ready?
(Thinks hard) 45 minutes. I hardly put on make-up, especially if I am not shooting. So it’s only my liner and lipstick that I use when I go out for a party/dinner. You will not see me with makeup unless I am walking on red carpet. But I love to wear good clothes. I like to dress up (giggles).


What is fashion for you? 
Being comfortable.

Most comfortable outfit? 
Jeans and t-shirt. 

What is the maximum amount you would spend on a pair of jeans?
I love shopping and I always spend a lot on my clothes. I am someone- if I like something I don’t mind spending any amount on that, phir I don't even think how many times will I don that outfit in totality.


Your wardrobe during monsoon? 
I like wearing shorts, because I hate my pants getting wet.  I prefer something very loose. But no whites at all. 

How many pair of shoes do you own?
I have mostly heels, as I love to look taller. Right now, I have 16 pairs of heels (laughs) I am waiting for the collection to increase. and then I shall post it on social media.


Any designer you dream to wear someday? 
Manish Malhotra, anytime. He knows how to make a girl look pretty with his designs. 

Who is your style icon? 
I love Sonam Kapoor. Whatever she wears has a style statement in itself.  Even if she wears something out of the box, she knows how to carry it off. That’s what make me love her when it comes to styling. Kangana Ranaut also has a good fashion sense.


What all can one can find in your bag? 
I carry lots of things inside my bag. But right now if you ask me what I'm carrying---  it’s my liner, cc cream,  sunglasses, mobile charger, lipstick and of course, my wallet. 

How many bags do you have? 
I love bags. But seriously I haven’t kept a count.


It all boils down to: Bhumika loves shopping. Am I right, or am I right?
(Laughs). You are right. I am a  shopaholic. You will find me shopping, every second week. At times, even twice a week.