Priya Malik: If A Man Can Pull Out His Pe*** On The Road, Why Do A Woman's Bre***ts Threaten Us?

Bigg Boss 9 contestant Priya Malik has a question: If we don't mind men pulling out their penises on roads to relieve themselves, why do we get traumatised if and when a woman exposes her breasts? Any answers?

Bigg Boss 9 Contestant Priya Malik grabbed headlines last night when she screamed 'Free The Ni**le'. But her post was trolled by many, and a war broke out between Priya and the trollers.

We spoke to Priya today. Read on for the full interview:

Your 'Free The Ni**le Post' on social media backfired...
I don't think it has backfired. There are more people who've supported the move and less who have objected to it.

Where did this idea stem from?
The 'Free The Nipple' campaign started in America by Lina Esco in 2012. The main aim of the campaign is to bring about gender equality in all frameworks of life. It is legal for women to be topless in the UK and some states in America, with the sole premise being if men are allowed to do it then why not women. Public nudity is only a crime when it is done to threaten or distress others. The cultural taboos with women's breasts are reflected in the fact that Instagram and Facebook do not allow pictures of women's nipples but men's nipples are the same. Did you know that they both actually look the same? There is an areola with the nipple in the middle. There is no difference.

That way, there are many double standards in our society. How come you chose this?
This is just symbolic of gender equality in general. I have supported the campaign last year when I appeared braless to protest against CBFC`s (Central Board Of Film Certification) decision to remove a bra scene from Baar Baar Dekho. The Free The Ni**le campaign had even posted about it and sent me a t-shirt so I can continue bringing awareness to gender inequality in our society.

Will you be able to wear an outfit to support your 'Free The Ni**le' campaign?
I have. It's on my Instagram. Lately I've performed two stand-up shows without wearing a bra. Is there a law that I should wear one?

But you have mostly worn outfits which reveal your back...
Check out this.

Free The Ni**le does not necessarily mean going topless. Even not wearing a bra is considered indecent in our society.

The # Free The Ni**le campaign is just the tip of the gender equality iceberg. Pun intended.

Is India ready for such a bold thing? 
Is India ready for men pulling their penises out and peeing on the roads? Is India ready to molest women and film it too? Is India ready to force their wives into sexual intercourse without their consent? If the answer to any of these questions is Yes then why do breasts threaten India?

What did your husband and family say to your 'Free The Ni**le' Post'?
My husband and my family are always supportive. I'm not asking to run around naked on the streets, I'm just pointing out discrimination based on mere anatomy.

Are you going to continue this crusade? And how?
Have mouth, will speak.

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Image Source: instagram/priyasometimes