Sunil Grover will be seen in a lead role in an upcoming comedy film Coffee with D. Very different from commercial potboilers, Sunil plays the character of Arnab Ghosh, a controversial television journalist reportedly fashioned on Arnab Goswami. caught up exclusively with the funny man for a quick chat about his characters, life and more:

Coffee with D is loosely based on Arnab Goswami...
The name happens to be Arnab, but the surname is different. It’s not Goswami. He is Arnab Ghosh. It’s a name, which the writer has given. It’s not my decision. Since the character belongs to the news world and has a similar name, half the job is done. Audience will understand the character and enjoy the film. That’s the reason they have used the name.

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What if Arnab comes and wants to know, ‘Why are you imitating me?’
I will say: Because you are loved and I imitate other celebrities too. So that’s the reason why I am imitating you. I have taken his tone and used it in a scene or two.

Coffee with D establishes you as the lead actor. Does that put pressure on you?
That puts pressure on the producer not me. For me, I don’t see this as a lead character. It is a character which is important and it should be entertaining.

People address you as Gutthi or Mashoor Gulati nowadays?
It’s a mix of both. But these days, they address me as Doctor Saab and I feel very proud. Doctor is a very respectable profession. And I don’t know how I became one jo balti utha ke lata hai. Personally, I like the doctor more.

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Have you ever cracked an ill-timed joke?
(Laughs) Many a times! There have been moments when you can’t crack a joke and you feel like laughing. Once, two of my aunts were having a serious discussion and I suddenly burst into laughter. Though I was laughing at them, I had to say that something else made me laugh.

Is it difficult to switch between roles you play on the comedy show?
At times when there’s lot of work, I need to change my get-up very quickly and dialogues get mixed up. The best part is when I am dressed as Dr. Mashoor Gulati and have a reading session for Rinku Bhabhi. So every time I enter the stage, I check if I am wearing a moustache or lipstick to figure out the character.

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Coming back to the film, Coffee with D is the first Bollywood release of 2017. Are you nervous about the numbers?
I don’t have any pressure. We have made a film with honesty. We hope people like it.

There will be comparisons with Kapil Sharma’s Bollywood debut...
I don’t know why people will make such comparisons? We are part of the same show; same team and we have the same goal – to bring smile on people’s face.

Many people have drawn comparisons between Coffee with D and Tere Bin Laden...
Tere Bin Laden was a good film and people enjoyed it. There are 5-6 subjects around which films revolve and that’s why a lot of films are made on those selective subjects. So, such comparisons are inevitable.

Will you concentrate more on your acting career after Coffee with D?
There is acting in comedy as well. My approach towards comedy is through acting. Some people are fluent like Kapil, as comedy comes very naturally to him. For me, it is a representation through my character. It’s bit over the top. In films, I need to cut that OTT.

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Rival show Comedy Nights Bachao is going off-air. Did you see this coming?
I didn’t get the opportunity to watch the show. That’s channel’s decision. They must be coming with something else. I love my show.

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