Surveen NOT Bothered That Aamna Was Considered Before Her To Romance Rajeev

Ekta Kapoor is all set to launch her new web series Haqq Se on Alt Balaji. It stars Rajeev Khandelwal and Surveen Chawla in the lead roles. We had a candid conversation with the onscreen couple about the show, their comeback and reunion...

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Surveen NOT Bothered That Aamna Was Considered Before Her To Romance Rajeev

Check out what all they had to say:

Rajeev, tell us about your character Dr Naushad Rizvi...
Dr.Naushad Rizvi runs a child-care hospital. And his family has been in the medical line since many years. But he is a complicated man. He has gone throw a rough phase in his life. which is why he is what he is--- until he meets the lovely Meher... and then our love story blossoms.

And Surveen, what's this Meher all about?
(Laughs) I play Mehrunisa Mirza and people call me Meher.  She has a dream, she has ambitions. Obviously there are obstacles in her way. I have 3 sisters in the show and it's interesting to see how our life unfolds, as the backdrop happens to be Kashmir.

surveen chawla
Surveen Chawla Poses For A Photoshoot

Digital has freedom of creativity but it is largely focusing on intimacy. Is that the case with your show?
Rajeev: That is the mindset that people have about the digital world--- and trust me, this is going to shatter it. This is the series which will tell us that digital world that web shows are about voicing your opinion. 

 There is some sort of authenticity in the show. Platforms can be used for some wrong reasons like you said--- but I don't feel there is any association between creativity and intimacy. 

Rajeev: But what's wrong it if and when it is required? You should be able to make it out at places where it is needed. Intimacy is an integral part of everyone's life, so let's not call it wrong; it's not abusing or harming anyone. There are people who think we can't deal with intimate scenes, and let me tell you, that mindset too is not correct.

Surveen: I think Rajeev is right.  I don't feel that people come on digital platforms to make a show just to stay away from censorship.

rajeev khandelwal and surveen chawla in haq se
Rajeev Khandelwal And Surveen Chawla In Haq Se

Rajeev, you are working with Ekta after a very long time. You'll had parted ways not on an amicable note... 
Well, I was doing Ekta's Kahiin To Hoga (KTH) which I quit in middle. Obviously when a popular character leaves midway, the show does go through a rough patch. And it happened with KTH too (pauses). 

Go on...
Ekta and I never went to the press to talk about it, but  met on a number of occasions where we tried to be cordial with each other.

She has been warm and cordial to me, I have been respectful and cordial to her.

Sometime ago, we even discussed some other projects--- but things didn't work out.

This time, I decided to say an immediate 'yes'. Balaji is unarguably the best n the business.

I wouldn't say that we had a fallout. 

surveen chawla
Surveen Chawla

Both of you have been a part of Kahiin To Hoga, So it's a reunion of sorts...
Rajeev: We have not been in much tough. So yeah, you can call it a reunion. Surveen was also busy with some beautiful projects. 

Surveen: (Looks at Rajeev) I remember I messaged you after watching Amir. I would also like to say that it's unfair if we use the word 'fallout'. Ekta being Ekta is very true to her job. I don't feel she will get someone on board just because he did  one of her biggest and finest shows.

Buzz was, Aamna Shariff was supposed to do Haqq Se... 
Rajeev: I got to know that from your site. 

Surveen: Me too. But for me it doesn't matter if she was considered before me. For me journey begins when I come on board. 

Surveen, you shocked fans with your wedding news, how difficult it was to keep a secret for 3 years- and that's quite a long time?
Surveen: It wasn't difficult at all. I didn't disclose it because it was my personal choice. I wasn't comfortable talking about it then. When I was, which was about a few weeks back--- I proudly announced that I am married.

rajeev khandelwal and surveen chawla on sets of haq se
Rajeev Khandelwal And Surveen Chawla On Sets Of Haq Se

Would you like to thank your TV friends who helped you to keep it a secret?
(Smiles) There were only handful of people who knew. It just shows that they are family to me and they understand me. Yes, I must thank them through

Rajeev, TV is welcoming you again with work, What's holding you back?
Nothing is stopping me. Whenever I have got a good opportunity, I have embraced it. I did Sach Ka Samna, wasn't it good? I did Reporters. You can't expect me to come on TV every year for just the heck of  it. The moment I will get a script which excites me, I will definitely do it. 

rajeev khandelwal
Rajeev Khandelwal

We also heard that you demand a lot of money when it comes to TV...
I don't wish to respond on that (smiles).

Image Source: Instagram/ Twitter/ Surveen Chawla/ Rajiv Khandelwal 

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