Wouldn't Lose An Opportunity To Do Swara Bhasker’s Masturbation Scene: Kishwer Merchant

...Conditions apply - If the script demands Kishwer Merchant wouldn't hesitate to do Swara's masturbation scene. The actress even hails Swara for pulling off the bold sequence in Veere Di Wedding. In an EXCLUSIVE chat with SpotboyE.com, the lady spills the beans on all things controversial...

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Wouldn't Lose An Opportunity To Do Swara Bhasker’s Masturbation Scene: Kishwer Merchant

Bigg Boss fame Kishwer Merchant is currently busy with her play Selfie that is running to packed houses in Mumbai. In a candid chat with SpotboyE.com, she talks about her play, partners, Bigg Boss, Swara Bhasker and more...

Kishwer Merchant With Her Friends
Kishwer Merchant With Her Friends

Tell us about your play Selfie?
Selfie is all about 5 girls who meet in a waiting room at a railway station. Their trains are running late and they start talking. Everything is nice and happy happy initially, but then they start discussing about their messed up lives.

Kishwer Merchant

What do you play in Selfie?
I am playing a loud Punjabi loud girl who is very strong headed and doesn't believe in following rules made by the society. She lives life on her own terms.

Your husband is Punjabi, did he give you any tips to play the character?
Yes, he helped me a lot on my script, especially with Punjabi words. 

Does Suyyash like you talking in Punjabi?
He doesn't like to hear anything in Punjabi from my  mouth, as I don’t speak the language very well.

Kishwer Merchant

You are especially fond of travelling, and looks like you keep yourself very busy globe-trotting...
Travel is totally my first love. And now, me and my friend Priyanka have started collaborating with tourism departments and started promoting them. We get to see so many new places, and it's totally fun.

Any show or character that you dream of doing?
I want to work in a show that is based on friendship. Something on the lines of Veere Di Wedding. 

What character would you have loved to play? 
Swara Bhasker's  character anytime! Her character is totally like me! I talk like that, and our mannerisms are similar.

Kishwer Merchant

Swara Bhasker's masturbation scene is creating noise. Would you be comfortable doing something like that?
She has done it so well, yaar! I don't think so I would have been comfortable doing it the way she has done it. Hats off to her, and the way she has done it. Not even for a second you feel that it's looking vulgar. It was a funny scene. But coming back to me - if I will be able to do it? So, if I get something like this I might also get courage to do it. If the script demands, I would ideally not lose an opportunity to do it.

Who will be your Veeres, if you end up doing something on the lines of Veere Di Wedding?
Priyanca Talukdar, Nimisha Pandey, Gurmeet Chadha and of course me (laughs).

Kishwer Merchant
Kishwer Merchant

You are known for your blunt comments. Have they ever put you in trouble?
I went to see Bang Bang once and didn't like Katrina's performance in it at all and posted it on social media. People trolled me and gave gaalis. They said how can you talk about her performance and all?  But then before an actor I am also an audience, I can have my personal opinion. Katrina fans went crazy after reading my post. It was my twitter handle and my opinion though. Just because I’m an actor myself, it doesn’t stop me from disliking another actor.

Bigg Boss is coming soon, who do you want to see inside the house? 
A lot of my friends have already got the call. I just hope are finalised and we can see them in the house, soon. Can't reveal their names though! 


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