BTS’ ‘V Grabs Me And Holds Me Close’ Lizzo's sister Vanessa Recalls Her FANGIRL Moment Meeting Kim Taehyung In LA!

Lizzo's sister Vanessa Jefferson spoke about her fangirl moment with BTS’ Kim Taehyung aka V

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BTS’ ‘V Grabs Me And Holds Me Close’ Lizzo's sister Vanessa Recalls Her FANGIRL Moment Meeting Kim Taehyung In LA!
BTS’ fan-following is continuously sky rocketing and the South-Korean band continue to gain popularity in the world. While many celebrities have expressed their love for the band, BTS members have actively made sure to impress them with special gestures. 

The band has a dedicated fangirl in Lizzo. To note, the American singer is a huge fan of Kim Taehyung aka V and Jimin. 

Well, it was a dream come true for all fans when Lizzo met these two and Jungkook at the Harry Styles concert. In a chat with Brooke Morrison, Vanessa Jefferson who is the sister of Lizzo has spoken about meeting her bias Kim Taehyung.

She said Lizzo and she noticed the BTS members when ARMYs spotted them at the concert. Post that, their manager got in touch with the manager from BTS and the two parties met. Lizzo is a huge fan of VMin and it is known to all ARMYs. 

Additionally, Lizzo's sister and the boys moved to where they were seated as per the manager's request. 

She said she saw V who was right there next to her. She told Brooke Morrison, "And he was just looking at my sister like, waiting to hug her, but I kept tugging at his shirt. I said, ‘Hey, hey, I’m Lizzo’s sister, dongsaeng." 

As K-Drama fans will know, dongsaeng means younger sibling. After realising that she was Lizzo's sister Kim Taehyung aka V hugged her excitedly after saying a Hi! She told Brooke Morrison, "He just was so excited. It was so cool..." Vanessa Jefferson said that V hugged Lizzo who introduced him to her once again (Vanessa). 

From the looks of it, V seems to have given her one more hug. 

Meanwhile, she also shared that J-Hope took out his phone and they exchanged numbers. Vanessa Jefferson said those were the US numbers of the boys. Later all of them posed together for a group picture. She narrated to Brooke Morrison, "We were taking a group picture, and then V grabs me and holds me close while we’re taking the group picture, and I’m just over here like….The ultimate ARMY’s dream."
It seems V spoke a few words in English and told her that he is doing a show two days later. She said she was aware and they did be attending it.

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