Daniel Sloss India Tour CONFIRMED! Global Comedy Star To Perform In Eight Cities Including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru - Know Detailed Scheduled BELOW!

DANIEL SLOSS - CAN’T is the 12th solo show by Scotland’s international comedy superstar and we are delighted to welcome Daniel back to India for eight performances in major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Goa, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata.

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Daniel Sloss India Tour CONFIRMED! Global Comedy Star To Perform In Eight Cities Including Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru - Know Detailed Scheduled BELOW!
Renowned for groundbreaking shows like ‘HUBRiS’ and ‘X’, Daniel Sloss is all set to captivate Indian audiences with his distinctive humour on ‘CAN'T’. His previous tours, acclaimed for their innovative themes, have achieved global recognition, with ‘HUBRiS’ ranking as the world’s largest solo comedy tour in 2021. ‘X’ notably addressed critical social issues, touring non-stop for over 300 performances over 17 months across the globe. 

Daniel was in India last year for his debut tour, a three-city jaunt that included a headlining performance at DeadAnt’s Laughing Dead festival. The comedian’s 2024 India tour will be even more extensive, hitting 8 key cities—Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Goa, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata—from 15 March to 24 March 2024. This is set to become India’s biggest comedy tour of all time by an international artist with around 20,000 tickets available.

Beyond standup comedy, Daniel’s influence extends into literary and digital realms. His book ‘Everyone You Hate is Going to Die’—published in 2021—received critical acclaim, and his Netflix specials ‘DARK’ & ‘Jigsaw’ have captivated global audiences in over 190 countries. Daniel’s diverse accomplishments include seven sold-out seasons off-Broadway in New York, ten appearances on U.S TV’s ‘Conan’, and record-breaking performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

“My first India trip in 2023 was such a joy that I promised on stage that I would be returning as soon as possible… which was a big mistake as clearly I have no idea how anything in India works,” said Sloss. “So, by way of apology, I’ve finally found a way to come back and to make it up to all you comedy-loving folks.”

“We are thrilled to partner with MZA for the much-anticipated return of Daniel Sloss for an 8-city tour in India. Daniel's unforgettable headline act at the first edition of our Laughing Dead comedy festival last year not only captivated the audience, but inspired and challenged what comedy can be in the hands of a master. His return isn't merely a nod to the clamour from fans left wanting more—it's a bold step forward for DeadAnt," stated Ravina Rawal, Founder-CEO of DeadAnt. "'The Loop' is the embodiment of DeadAnt Live's ambition to create space for laughter, provocative comedy, and cultural dialogue throughout India, that we are sure will resonate with both seasoned fans and the curious first-timer."

On what he may be most looking forward to, Daniel quipped, “I'm very excited to get to perform in so many places this time and although I am well aware that many brilliant Indian comedians have done it before me, you know, to be at least the first Scottish stand-up to do it is exciting–hopefully I can keep bringing my new tours over to you until I die a young death due to either alcohol abuse or by being run over by an Indian fan who was too late to get tickets last time.”

Ticket bookings for the tour are now open on Insider, with limited availability. We recommend you book FAST to ensure you don’t miss a chance to witness one of the world's most dynamic comedians live in your city. 

'The Loop' is a continuation of DeadAnt Live's dynamic offerings, such as the Laughing Dead comedy festival, headlined by Daniel last year, and the inventive 'Laughs Per Minute' IP. With its succinct, one-minute performances, 'Laughs Per Minute' challenges the conventional comedy format, catering to a generation attuned to the brevity of reels and TikTok. 

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