Former Royal Meghan Markle Left Audience In Splits With Antics On The Ellen Degeneres Show, Former Drank Milk From Baby Bottle

5 times when former Royal Meghan Markle left the audience in splits as she graced the Ellen Degeneres show

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Former Royal Meghan Markle Left Audience In Splits With Antics On The Ellen Degeneres Show, Former Drank Milk From Baby Bottle
The former Royal Meghan Markle graced the popular chat show, Ellen DeGeneres, on November 18. Her presence on the show, left the audience surprised. Meghan Markle was seen on the show to promote her book, The Bench, targeting the children. The audience witnessed some amusing things on the show, rather some awkward moments on the show, which were the highlight of this chat show. Just to give a gist of it, Meghan Markle was seen doing squats, playing a prank on street-side vendors, imitating chipmunk and more. 

To begin with, Ellen was heard telling the audience, “When Meghan and I were talking about her doing the show, the first thing you said to me was 'I want to do one of those IFBs'." Followed by explaining that an IFB means interruptible foldback which is a tiny earpiece usually worn by celebs. Followed by Ellen giving instructions to the people that whoever is coming to Meghan and asked Meghan she should touch her elbow and nose thus, confirming Ellen is audible. Followed by Ellen asking Meghan to perform squats, Meghan being embarrassed taking a deep breath, did lunges into a low squat. 

Ellen also asked Meghan to play prank in the Warner Bros. Studio, where the former asked Meghan to approach a crystal stall and convey she has skills to heal to the sellers. Followed by Ellen asking Meghan to look at the crystals kept on the display to hold it in her hand against her head and chant. 

Next Ellen asked Meghan to gulp down a tortilla chip in a manner a chipmunk would eat. This left audience in splits, followed by Meghan yelling at the vendor as told by Ellen, “Mummy wants some heat!” ALSO READ: The Ellen DeGeneres Show: Meghan Markle REVEALS Daughter Lilibet Is Teething; 'Auntie' Ellen Suggests Tequila To Help

This hilarious act was followed by Ellen asking Meghan to do squats on the footpath and simultaneously drink milk from a baby bottle placed in her handbag.  

And last was Ellen compelling Meghan to pull two pairs of cat ears out of her purse, further telling the vendor that’s “what she does for her kids to entertain them.” ALSO READ: Ellen DeGeneres To Leave Hollywood After 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' Ends? Talk Show Host Plans To Travel To Africa To Save Her Marriage - REPORTS

Image Source: Instagram/ellen/meghanmarkle_official