It’s OFFICIAL! Netflix Confirms Squid Game Season 2: ‘The Universe Has Just Begun’

Netflix recently confirmed the second season of popular South Korean Drama Squid Game.

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It’s OFFICIAL! Netflix Confirms Squid Game Season 2: ‘The Universe Has Just Begun’
The popular megahit South Korean TV series Squid Games is confirmed to return with the second season of the show. Co-chief executive officer and chief content officer for the streaming service Ted Sarandos confirmed the same during Netflix’s fourth-quarter interview as reported by Variety.

When quizzed if it is in the pipeline, he replied, “Absolutely. The ‘Squid Game’ universe has just begun.”

Interestingly, Sarandos’ comment suggests that the show will feature a whole new small-screen universe which is likely to be in the works. Written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, the Squid Game series featured a contest 

For the uninitiated, Squid Game is a nine-part survival thriller set in modern-day Seoul, where 450-odd contestants play simple children’s games to win a jackpot amount or die trying. While the ones clearing the games move forward, those who fail to complete the tasks die. 

Korean drama Squid Game is on its way to becoming the most popular show on Netflix. The series has piqued the audiences' interest across the globe as they seem to be intrigued over the gruesome and gory story.

The show was interpreted as a trenchant critique of modern capitalistic societies and that economic mobility was just a myth perpetuated by the moneyed classes.

The South Korean drama has taken the internet by storm. Right from memes to montages of the web series, social media users are having a blast sharing content from the latest trending topic. Apparently, the South Korean survival drama is even getting watched in countries like North Korea, where the show is forbidden.

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