Rapper Raftaar Apologises For Abusing On The Stage While Speaking Against CAA During His Recent Concert

After saying, he’s ready to take bullets if anyone would even try to remove his Muslim friend from India, Rapper Raftaar has now taken to social media to apologies. In his tweet, the rapper clearly mentioned that he is apologetic for abusing on the stage while speaking against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) at his recently held music concert

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Rapper Raftaar Apologises For Abusing On The Stage While Speaking Against CAA During His Recent Concert
Raftaar, who is one of the most loved and sensational rappers in India, landed in a controversy for making a statement just before the start of the concert here in Mumbai. A video of Raftaar went viral from his recently held concert Bollywood Music Project. As seen in the viral clip, the Rapper, who is clearly not visible, is seen telling the huge crowd, who had come to attend his music concert, that he is ready to take bullets for his Muslim friend if he is asked to leave the country. He is not bothered about what will happen to his career in future after speaking against CAA.

Now, the Rapper has taken to social media to apologie for abusing on stage during his passionate speech. He hasn’t apologized for voicing his opinion against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) but for abusing on the stage. He wrote, “Before everyone starts jumping in and fighting on who agrees or disagrees with me. I want to apologise for abusing on stage. That is something I shouldn't have done. Gaali dena aur ladki ki izzat karne me farq hai. Galat tab bhi hai. Uske liye maafi.”(ALSO READ: Raftaar Onboard For India’s First Rap Reality Show; Rajakumari, Nucleya To Also Debut As Judges)
In the video that went viral in the morning, the rapper was seen telling the crowd, “Before starting I want to make something seriously clear, whether my career goes on tomorrow or it doesn’t I am not bothered, I have earned enough so that I don’t die of hunger. This man’s name is Arshad; he takes care of me to the extent that nobody can even push me. If anyone talks about asking him to leave this country, I am ready to take a bullet for it. Whether they are Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, or Muslims, they are all our brothers, I will not let anyone be taken out of the country. After this, I do not care what happens to my career”.

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