SHOCKING! Trans Pornstar Emma Rose REVEALS She 'Flushed Her Testicles Down The Toilet Like Goldfish'!

Caution: Emma Rose revealed graphic content that could be traumatic for some readers; Viewer Discretion is advised

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SHOCKING! Trans Pornstar Emma Rose REVEALS She 'Flushed Her Testicles Down The Toilet Like Goldfish'!
Popular transsexual porn star and OnlyFans model revealed that she flushed her testicles down the toilet ‘like a goldfish’ after getting surgically castrated. 

The adult entertainer underwent a gender affirmation surgery at the age of 21 and revealed that she had no other alternatives other than chucking her unwanted testicles as she could not carry them on her flight home. 

Emma Rose is quite a popular personality on social media and she has garnered quite a fan following on Instagram and TikTok. The trans porn star has more than 175k followers on Instagram and YouTube, and she is quite popular for her bold and sultry snaps and videos highlighting her life as a trans model. 

Rose shared the details of her surgery on the Pillowtalk podcast and said, "I got castrated! I couldn't fly with them because it's biohazard waste, so I flushed them down the toilet like a goldfish." 

The 26-year-old adult entertainer explained that she was awake at the time of the surgery as a surgeon put a needle into each testicle before removing them.

"I'm lying there. Imagine you're lying down and they take this big-ass needle in each ball... They do one ball then the other ball, then [cut] the cord," she said. 

She continued, "Then it's numbed and they cut it open. Then you can literally feel the cords being pulled. Then I went home afterwards."

Emma pointed out that her peins remind undamaged after the operation and still function without trouble with the help of hormonal medications such as Viagra and Cialis. 

However, she added that her penis has shrunk due to the lack of testosterone caused by the castration. "I don't have to take testosterone blockers [due to the castration]; I take progesterone and oestrogen," she continued. "It has shrunk. I used to be six and a half [inches when erect]," she said. "I had a nice d**k, and now it's shrunk and got thinner." 

For the unversed, Emma Rose does not mince words and she has often made waves as a mainstream celebrity for being outspoken about her views on Twitter. "My career goal is to be on Playboy and Penthouse so bad," she previously said.

Image Source: Instagram