MASALA SHOTS: Oh Please! Anyone but KRK

Here's the latest update from the world of Bollywood. We bet you wouldn't want to miss this. Read on for details... Check out Bollywood twisted tales in our segment Masala Shots

iOnce in your lifetime, you all must have seen something that left you virtually blind. If not, what you are watching right now might impair your vision for sometime. Don't say we didn't warn you. 

KRK is trying to dance on Beat pe Booty from A Flying Jatt. No one cared for him to take the challenge, very  much like no one cares for his film reviews. But he does it anyway. Ab khair chodo, koi kya kar sakta hai?

Watching Jacqueline shake her booty was total eye candy but KRK!?! Eeewwww!! Poora mood kharaab kar diya ... that skinny boney retard!!

Moving to our next –

Everybody wants to be a part of success stories. But the minute a film flops, the blame game begins. Something similar happened with Indian epic adventure-romance drama Mohenjo Daro.

The moment it was clear that the film is struggling to recover its production cost, blame game shuru ho gayi. We got the news that Ashutosh Gowariker wasn’t allowed to cut the trailer of the film and UTV had trusted a third production house with the same. Ab yeh to sab jaante hain ki the trailer helps in shaping the audiences' response to a film. So did the trailer kill Mohenjo Daro? Hmmm!! What do you think? We think some ships are just meant to sink. No amount of rescuing will help them. 

And guys, accept failure with grace now!! Bas bahut hua! 

Talking about sinking ships... Athiya Shetty was not very successful in making an impression with her first film Hero. While her contemporaries have hitch hiked to stardom, Athiya still needs a big push to get back in the race. Hopefully, Anees Bazmee’s next opposite her ‘good friend’ Arjun Kapoor will be that push. Wo baat alag hai ki Arjun ki khud ki filmein kuch khaas nahi chal rahi hai. Forgot Tevar, Finding Fanny, Ki&Ka? Bechara Arjun. 

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