Deepika Padukone might have the world under her feet...but then even the most successful and beautiful girls have their own share of troubles. 

And Dipsy darling sure is not immune to that. Well, for starters her big ticket Hollywood audition for the Tom Cruise film Mummy did not go as planned. 
She was an outright rejection by the put it mildly. So, she might have just bagged the Best Actress Award for her film Piku at IIFA but for this Tom Cruise starrer she did not make the cut ... yes not even for a blink and miss appearance. 

The said part was that of an Asian beauty, that Tom would dream about. It was a 3 minute role where a stunning Asian girl would haunt Tom in his dreams. 
Deepika who has just wrapped work on XXX: Return of Xander Cage opposite Vin Deisel was rather kicked about jumping from one big project to another but alas somethings do remain a dream. And this is one dream Deepika really wanted to be in.

Thumbnail Image Source: pandawhale & People 

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