Ever had that shower thought where you played casting director and replaced your favourite international TV show with Bollywood actors? Whether or not you’re a binge watcher, a sitcom stickler, a FRIENDS addict or new to the TV club, it’s impossible that the thought of finding a Bollywood counterpart to your list of television actors hasn’t crossed your mind. While we pondered a lot over past favourites and all-time greats, we decided to update our list with some recent monster hits desis can’t seem get over. So here’s an updated list with hit TV shows from the past few years with the best Bollywood contemporaries we deemed fit!

10. Orange Is The New Black

From seasoned sexual predators to TV’s most notorious perturbing characters, guess who we decided to lock in our most watched cages?

9.  True Detective
Nawaz narrates the deep philosophical monologues to Indian interrogators while Saif Ali Khan is the practical, headstrong and more calculated officer. A casting choice that would make even Matthew Mcconaughey go ‘Alright alright alright!’

8. Breaking Bad
Imagine Anil Kapoor’s reaction when Ranbir goes, Yeah! Science Bitch!

7.  Mad Men
It’s been a long time since we saw Hrithik in a brooding, uber suave and pensive avtaar.  For us, he is the one actor who could be as dapper as Don Draper and for the transformative role of Peggy Olson, Alia is the perfect choice.

6. Sherlock
The intriguing eccentric sleuth and his enigmatic partner – just imagine the laundry list of fights and arguments between the gobstoppingly idiosyncratic SRK as Sherlock and his elementary benefactor Abhay Deol as Dr. Watson.

5. House Of Cards
Ruthless and conniving vs Cold and power-hungry, who do you think will win?

4. Daredevil
It was almost therapeutic to see Farhan Akhtar back in action as a secret agent in Wazir. That got us thinking, wouldn’t he be a perfect Matt Murdoch?

 3. Dexter
What’s the main difference between Ranveer Singh and the US version of Dexter you ask?

Ranveer doesn’t use a sanitising liquid soap after her murders someone. He wipes his hand and goes Tattad Tattad.

2. Narcos
While the Bollywood casting of Narcos is not so much of a worry, we just hope that the makers don’t write a lot of one liners and shayaris like any other gangster film.

1.  Game Of Thrones
Deepika Padukone as Daenerys & Aditya Roy Kapoor as Jon Snow,

Brace Yourselves! Winter Is Comin and it’s gonna get sexy!

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