VIDEO: 5 Indian Films That Dealt With The Issue Of Black Money

In the wake of the demonetisation strategy set by our Prime Minister two days ago, here’s a look at some of the films that dealt with malpractices and the counteroffensive ways to tackle black money

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VIDEO: 5 Indian Films That Dealt With The Issue Of Black Money

Last conducted in the year 1978 to tackle the influx of counterfeit money and undisclosed accounts held by businessmen and politicians, demonetisation is a process in which currency of high figures is made illegal for any kind of financial exchange. In just one single masterstroke, PM Narendra Modi single handedly made the mountains of illegal money into trash. What must have occurred behind closed doors and underground attics is something film buffs will definitely relate to. Imagine all the various scenarios you’ve seen in films that include frenzied politicians and white collar businessmen running around and getting the jolt of their lives.

In case you want to perk up those memories once again, here are 5 Indian films based on black money.

Blood Money
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Image Source: facebook/bloodmoneymovie

Diamonds...they bring tears, joy and smiles wherever they go and whatever they adorn. And trouble follows them like a curse. Blood Money is a seething thriller that exposes the brutal side of the diamond industry and unleashes hell on anyone who gets in its way.  

Knock Out 
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Image Source: twitter/T-Series

While the script is a remake of the Colin Farell starrer Phone Booth, it’s the ransom that takes the cake, the baker and the bake house. Starring Sanjay Dutt as an elite sniper who holds Irrfan Khan hostage at gunpoint in order to retrieve black money from offshore accounts. 

Special 26
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One of the most popular films ever to be made in Bollywood based on black money, Special 26 is truly spectacular as it features the inner workings of the CBI, an incredibly astute gang of thieves and the process in which black money is actually hidden from plain sight. 

Guru Movie Poster.jpg
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There are people who have sacrificed leisure, burned the midnight oil and sold their soul to the devil to reach the pedestals they now stand on. But who can ever get this far without getting their hands dirty? Guru is the story of India’s biggest tycoon who created an empire through legal and illegal means. 

Sivaji The Boss
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Image Source: avmproductions

While it’s got all the style, splendour and starry-eyed surprises that a Rajinikanth film can offer, Sivaji The Boss is actually a socio-political commentary hidden inside a typical blockbuster. Sivaji The Boss stands out as the first Indian film to depict the process of demonetisation.