VIDEO: 10 Bollywood Actors Who Became Almost Unrecognisable With Make-Up

A Make-up artiste is the lesser acknowledged backbone of a film and it’s time they got their due

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VIDEO: 10 Bollywood Actors Who Became Almost Unrecognisable With Make-Up
We all know how make-up plays a very important role in the amazing and drool worthy looks of our favourite actors who we see on-screen. Behind every character that looks oh-so-stunning on screen, there is an army of make-up artistes standing behind them, working day and night to make them look like an another person altogether.
Indian cinema is over a 100 years old, and with times, make-up as an art has evolved. Make-up artistes today are not only responsible for basic touch-ups, instead they now spend hours with the actor and perfect the look of the actor according to the characters they are supposed to play on screen. They do whatever the directors need for making the actor look as close as possible to the character which is why it’s more of an art form today.
The everyday challenges of make-up artistes range from making a younger actor look older and older one younger, with their make-up techniques. We have seen many movies where young actors have played a totally different age group and carried off an unimaginable look. The bald get hair, the wrinkles are erased, the lips develop beckoning curves and time runs backwards when the make-up artiste begin to weave their magic.
How could we forget the look of Amitabh Bachchan in Paa where he played a special character suffering from an age reversal disease. For his make-up, it took eight specially crafted pieces of clay and 5 hours of sitting on a make-up chair every day. It was a tough task for makeup artists to get the perfect and the same look every day.
Make-up artistes are lesser-known backbones of cinema, who can actually make the director’s life much easier. Bollywood has a lot of films which are driven mainly because of the epic make-up of the actors.

Here's a list of such special characters from Indian cinema which were really difficult to achieve without brilliant make-up (Check the video above).