VIDEO: 7 Bollywood Celeb Obsessions That Will Make You Go WHOA!

Unusual or weird but they are actually interesting. lists down 7 such celebrities with their weirdo obsession. Check out the video...

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VIDEO: 7 Bollywood Celeb Obsessions That Will Make You Go WHOA!
An obsession over music or food is a normal thing nowadays. We can go on and on with it because it gives us joy and other feelings that some of us might not know how to express. In the same way there are few Bollywood celebrities that have got obsessions just like us, but they go a little over board with their feelings for these things.

For example, majority of you reading this article wear jeans. Agreed that they are conferrable, cool and can be worn anywhere and with anything, but do you love them so much that you’ll keep 1500 pairs of blue jeans just cause you love them!?

While one loves jeans, the other can go the gentle way and have an unusual love for perfumes and soaps, while the actor himself is quite badass and you wouldn’t believe that he has an obsession for these products.There are some celebs with obsessions which are really interesting too! One Bollywood actor has an obsession of collecting old movie posters, which is kind of awesome!

They say beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and some can even go on to your wrist, one actresses has an obsession with collecting expensive watches.

Unusual or weird but actually interesting, listed 7 Celeb Obsessions That Will Make You Go WHOA! (Watch the video above)